Going for the snowfall record.

Well, in the next 24 hours Detroit is forecast to just break the all time record for snow in a season. And still more than half of March and April to go. Although I have my doubts, it will make it this time. Today was the warmest day since October and it is still over 50 right now. I’m not sure it’s going to be cold enough soon enough for that much snow.

And OMG! I only have 5 eggs, and about 5/8ths of a quart of milk, I am going to die!

Do you want it to break the record or do you not want it to? Cause even though I hate the cold…hey, new record!

Up here in the Flint-tri-cities area we only need about 6" to break the all-time record for snowfall.

You won’t die without your milk and eggs. :rolleyes: I promise you.

I am concerned and sending you a week’s supply of fine Oriental rice cakes and extreme Cheez Whiz.
And on my way to Michigan’s UP this Friday- where Houghton has had 222" fall just from Nov. 15- Jan. 31- I will wonder why I am concerned about you in the first place.

And further up from there Mt. Bohemia is at 288 inches.

I had a goat man tell me to stay away from Turkish Delight today.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic, this has been the wettest winter on record for much of Britain - and one of the most snow-free on record, too (barring the Scottish Highlands, which have been buried in the stuff). I haven’t seen a single flake of snow all winter. A couple of hail showers, and I think there might have been some sleety rain in November, but apart from that? Zip. Only a handful of frosts, even.

Don’t Tempt Fate.


Well I was right they was wrong. Still 5 inches or so short of the record. But damn heavy snow though.

15" again today, -18 tomorrow, more snow.

There is no place to put it any more. It’s not just shovelling now. You also have to pitch it like 6’ or more to get it up on the pile in the yard!

We’re used to lots of snow, but damn, this winter just will not quit.

Curse that stupid groundhog!

Most years, it’s not absurd to hope to be golfing by the first weekend of April.

I think we will be lucky if the snow has all melted and the course is dry enough by the first week of May.

Indianapolis/Central Indiana finally broke the all-time snowiest winter record:

51.6 inches

To quote WISH-TV, ‘Indianapolis has seen 51.6 inches of snow, which is .6 of an inch higher than what was the snowiest winter in 1981-82. The winter of 1977-78 is the third snowiest winter with 49.7 inches of snowfall.’

We are SO not impressed by this…

I’m in Genesee county MI, and after the last snow, with just one more inch, we’ll break the record for the most snow in recorded history. I believe we’re at 88.something now.

I love winter usually but this one has been brutal. Many days of snow so high I couldn’t (not because I was afraid to, but physically could not) get to the end of my road, to plowed streets. A six-day stretch of no power or heat because of the ice storm. Branches and trees down. Ridiculous electric & gas bills. Can’t walk dogs because everything has been encased in a foot or more of filthy, lumpy ice for months. Huge piles of snow blocking the view in intersections. Potholes that are potcanyons, a bonanza for auto body and tire shops but suck for drivers. I’m getting used to drivers ahead of me being erratic and they dodge and weave to avoid what are practically sinkholes in the road.

Dog shit in my back yard that is several months of snow-strata poop that I couldn’t get to in time, so I’m praying for a slow thaw instead of one that turns my back yard into muddy poop soup. I’ve bought bales of straw and spread them out by my back porch. I have not seen my yard in at least four months, because it’s covered with over a foot of four-month-old, now-nasty frozen snow. There has barely been a day since early December that I haven’t had to spend time de-icing, shoveling, scraping and salting various surfaces before leaving the house.

So, yeah. Thank you for allowing me to rant. I enjoy (usually) winter and understand that I live in a state that gets real winters, but this one has been…tiresome.

We measure every snowfall of an inch or more at our house. A little over 20 feet so far. March and April are usually VERY snowy months, so we aren’t done with this. Doubt we’ll set any records though.

Uh, congratulations?

Question for people in snow areas: Do you guys ever build snow arches for pathways? Like, if I lived there, I’m thinking that I’d start piling the snow to the side as soon as I can, and then pile that higher and higher until I get a snow tunnel with a roof so that additional snow won’t fall on my sidewalk. Is that crazy for me to think?

off-topicing my own thread, I guess one good thing about this winter, is it helped me re-evaluate what is probably one of the best Birthday presents I ever received.
When I was 18(ergo done growing) my dad bought me some of the high-end Sorel winter work boots. Compared to what many of my friends and neighbors got on their “adult” birthday, it seemed really weak, but I was polite enough to say thanks.
But I’ll be damned if those aren’t still my winter boots 20+ years later and probably several thousand tons of snow shoveled, and hundreds of miles hiked, and my feet have never been cold, uncomfortable or wet. The tread is even still good shape, I guess snow and Ice aren’t abrasive.

Thanks, Dad(and this time it’s sincere :))