Goldmember sucks

Or as they say at aintitcool…"it sucks hairy donkey’s balls’ Seriously this is like the worst movie of last year save for Ya ya sisterhood, Kung pow and Jason X. It was so unfunny and i really enjoyed the first one (the second was so-so) The jokes were dull and Goldmember himself is the most irritating character ever put to the screen not to mention the fact that Fat Bastard HAS NEVR BEEN FUNNY! Yet it got good reviews, The fact is that without the Austin Powers brand name, it would have been reviled as the most unfunny comedy of the year.

I agree completely. I enjoyed the first two quite a bit, but this one was a real stinker. I think I laughed once and the rest of the time I was pretty much embarassed for the cast, since they worked on such a bomb. Really awful. No one in the group I rented it with liked it at all.

Hey, watch it with the Kung Pow put downs. That was pure gold.

The mole jokes were funny. But that’s it.

However, you forgot about The Master of Disguise.

Hey I thought that movie was funny!

Austin Power = Sucks Ass

After the second movie started using the same gags and jokes as the first (which I liked) I knew the third movie was not going to be too original. IMO, comedy is better when unpredictable and original.

A friend of mine, who is a huge AP fan, of course said it was funny. However he did admit that the jokes were getting tired and predictable. He started telling me about the character “Mr. Roboto” and I saw the Styx reference from a mile away.

I enjoyed all three, all though with less and less enthusiasm. Funny thing is my friend cannot stand the first two and for some reason loves the third one. Then again my friend is from Northern Ireland and her preferred beer is Coors Light.

I thought it was dull. Hollywood is out of ideas. American Pie 3 is on the way!

Makes you wonder how bad “Sprockets” was turning out for Myers to quit the development of that project.

I enjoyed the celeb cameos at the beginning (most of them, anyway), but otherwise it was a complete waste of my time.

Yeah, the opening musical number was hilarious. But the rest of the movie sucked ass.

1st Austin Powers- Genius

2nd Austin Powers- Terrible, with zero laughs for me in the whole movie.

3rd Austin Powers- Funny, but not great. The problem is the funniest moments are the opening cameos.

I thought 3 was better than 2. I think the more times you see it, the funnier it gets, but I confess I fast forward alot too… The first time I saw AP kick mini-me across the room I about died.

Some of the scenes that didn’t make it into Goldmember are funnier than the ones that did. Especially Goldmember singing “Hello Mahza, Hello Fazha.”

I liked it. Of course, to enjoy these movies, its best to see it at home with a bunch of silly friends cheering the action.

I agree completely. Except that I first saw it in the theatre “with a bunch of silly friends cheering the action”.

But it’s the silly friends cheering part that’s important. It’s just that kind of humor that, for me, works better with a crowd.

I thought Goldmember was funnier the second time I saw it on DVD.
I was a little cool to it seeing it for the first time in the theater.

But I don’t know how it could’ve been done any better. There’s only so far you can go with the characters, and they went all the way with them.
Now, if they tried to make a 4th movie, that’d be too far.

Poor, poor movie.

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