Good news, bad news.....

This is so MPSIMS, but I had to share.

Bad news: Stuck working today. Feh. Of cuorse, this is what I get for being out with strep for a week in October…

Good news: One, I finally got my paycheck from my previous job!!! :slight_smile:

Two, we just got permanent IP adresses at work so we can connect to SQL Server…side bonus? I can get back on AIM during the day!!! WOOHOO!

Bad news: I’m stuck working today also.
Good news: Overtime, baby!

Bad news: The car I bought yesterday is already in the shop for blowing a seal on the power steering, making it impossible to steer.
Good news: My loaner car is a 2000 Mustang!

Me Too

But it’s more by choice. I spend a lot of time out of town or at meetings with our sister company, so I routinely fall behind on paper work that needs answers or filing. The Good News It only takes a couple of hours to finish up. I’m pretty much done now, and am just screwing around.

NICE, Crunchy!!

More bad news: Marshall Faulk will be playing Monday night. sigh Redskin loss, here we come…

I know, I already saw your post in Gazoo’s thread. I would’ve mentioned this, but seemed like your day was bad enough as it was.

Oh - and that car I bought with the blown seal? I owned it for not quite a day. It had 54 miles on it.

What kind of car Crunchy? (I worked at a power steering plant this summer…hope it had nothing to do with me…)

bad: turned in a lackluster performance on a calc test
good: it was a lot better than I would have done earlier!

bad: I have a pile of work to do this weekend
good: I am one lab, one chapter of Latin, one group meeting, and one set of engineering problems away from a plane home.

bad: its cold outside
good: I got paid!!!

{group hug}

Falcon, you and I can send silent prayers or whatever for Marshall Faulk to be audited or something . . .

Hey, it’s DC. I don’t care HOW they win.

good news: I got a pay raise and am officially off of new-employee promotion at work! And just in time for the time-and-a-half I’ll be getting on Thanksgiving!
bad news: I am still making less than my 16 year old little sister.
rebuttle good news: I sit around and watch movies and make jokes about Judge Reinhold to a likewise cynical and fun group of people for a living.

good news: I have the whole weekend off! First time since classes started!
Bad news: I’m sick. Really. It’s just a cold, but calling it that diminishes the power of the virus. Fever, nasal yuckiness, blechy in general.
rebuttle good news: At least I don’t have to go to work like this.

You know, I could go on. My whole life is a good news-bad news. Eventually it evens out. I think.

Good: Back on track with getting current chip fully characterized, only two more test programs to debug.
Bad: Testing takes about three hours per chip.

Good: Can start to work on next chip characterization plan.
Bad: Its a harder chip to characterize, and its coming out of fab in less than two months, and it will probably take three to write all the code needed to test it.

Good: Have almost eighty hours of vacation time saved up…
Bad: Can’t spend it until Feb…see above for why.

Good: It’s my birthday.

Bad: I have to spend it grading freshman papers.

Good news: I start a temporary job tomorrow at the local university. I’ll get to try out my newly acquired office skills.

Bad news: I’m nervous about it.