Good News, Everyone- Futurama returns in November

Futurama, the sci-fi parody series created by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen (The Simpsons) which ran on Fox from 1999 to 2003, will be returning with a series of direct-to-DVD features. The cast announced at the San Diego Comic Con that the first of these, Bender’s Big Score, will be released on November 27. The plot involves Internet scammers and the secret to time travel- which apparently lies on Fry’s ass. Al Gore- whose daughter was a writer on the original series- will make a guest appearance. Reruns of the series will move from Adult Swim to Comedy Central in 2008- these reruns will also include the DVD features, cut into four episodes each.

(Thanks to Fark, Reuters, and the Hollywood Reporter)

That date is moved up from the last one that I had seen. I anxiously await its arrival.


I’m so glad they moved it. Last I had heard, the dvds weren’t being released until Comedy Central started airing it.

W00t! W00t!

embarrassingly high-pitched noise only audible to dogs and certain types of scientific instruments

I just added the date to my calendar. Something to look forward to, for a change. Thanks for the news.

::Zoidberg crowd applause noise::

Just to be clear, this is a movie, not an episode, right?

This Thanksgiving, I’ll have something to be thankful for!

I’m gonna get my own series of direct-to-DVD features, with blackjack . . . and hookers!
In fact, forget the series of direct-to-DVD features!

Cool! Can I borrow it? And a blank tape?

Exactly. If you want to, you can think of it as four episodes. Since that’s how Comedy Central’s going to think of it.

I wonder if the big success of the Simpsons movie might make one of the suits think, “Y’know, maybe we should release this as a theatrical film…”

Then it will go on to make a zillion dollars, there will be many sequels, prime-time specials, and ten more years of the series.

A guy can hope, can’t he?

Hooray, a show so devoid of any human emotion that when they focused one episode on it, “The Dog Episode,” fans thought it was fuckin Shakespeare.


It had its moments but the show always gave me a US Acres-vibe.

Hooray! Zoidberg will be popular again!

You really think the show is devoid of human emotion? I think the Fry/Leela relationship is one of the best, most realistic relationships on television. I just watched Parasites Lost tonight, and the very last shot of the episode is so heartbreakingly real.

It’s not devoid of human emotion. It’s a show about freaks and monsters being as human as they can.

And it’s funny, too. Where No Fan Has Gone Before was the best Star Trek episode ever.

Granted, the show’s take on life was somewhat hard-edged and cynical, but ther were many times when they handled the characters with a gentle touch. Shucks, even Bender had his moments.

If you didn’t watch most of the episodes, then you can’t really be in a position to judge the show. And if you did watch most of the episodes, then you must have gotten something out of it if you kept coming back. Gotcha! :smiley:

People need Futurama to give them hope for the future! :smiley:

Oh, thank you so much for the threadshitting, Johnny Hildo. Would you like to piss in my mashed potatoes now?

Mashed potatoes? You eat mashed potatoes? Ooh, they’re mashed- big fucking deal! They’re so devoid of emotion, they smush one potato and you think it’s Shakespeare!

I didn’t realize “US Acres” was distinctive enough to have a vibe.

Bite my shiny metal ass!