Good News For SF Bay Area Dopefest !!!

Yipeeee!!! My friend has graciously consented to make her home available for the December 2nd Holiday Dopefest. Please register at this thread for your invitations. All that you need to do is to email me at the address in my signature line and in a short while you will be extended an invitation that includes directions and any phone numbers needed.

Please refer to these two threads for more information.

Sounds great Zenster. Could you provide a little more information? Where, what time, that kind of stuff. Mrs. Batty and I would love to come.

Same place, same time (as it were).
Date: December 2nd.

Time: Noonish

Place: Pleasanton, CA

(Near Freeways 580 & 680)

Contact: Email me for an RSVP invitation.

Please indicate what sort of potluck you might bring and whether you enjoy drinking beer. We’ll need hall monitors, enforcers and a clean up crew, so don’t be shy!

I will provide some salsas and a main dish. Cameran and I are considering ponying up for a pony keg (so to speak). So far, candidates are Micheloeb or Sierra Nevada depending on your responses per brewskie intake.

Be creative, there may be a door prize!

PS: Since you “volunteered” Mike, you’ll be in charge of hooking up the Playstation II like object.

Please indicate the number of people expected in your party and provide a evening contact phone number so that we can confirm your attendance.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Umm, I like beer. :wink: Sierra Nevada is great. I’d be willing to contribute to the beer fund as well bring food or whatever.