Good songs to run to

Just started a running regimen; so far everything’s going well My main issue is that it’s pretty damn boring, especially on a treadmill - I need something to distract and entertain me.

I JFGI resulting in a million suggestions of Lady Gaga and instantly forgettable hip-hop garbage, so Google no help there. What I want is something with a good pace that isn’t shit, something that can drive you to ignore the pain. Something that runs with you, if you like. Something you can dive straight into.

By way of example, stuff like this I find is perfect for running;
Pure Morning by Placebo, great loud, thumping and bounding track. Easily my favourite track to put on when running.
The Trooper or Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden. I prefer The Trooper, just because I think it gets going a bit quicker, and every second of mental fortitude is valuable.
Soundtracks are good too.
Tanker Incident from MGS2 is pretty repetitive, but still engaging enough to want to make you press on.
And since I’m obsessed, the ME2 soundtrack is pretty damn good - particularly with its epic Suicide Mission and The End Run…oh, and The Normandy AttackedReborn.

My tiny little mind needs lots of distraction when running to avoid thinking ‘feck this, let’s walk for a bit’ - any recommendations?

Two Step by Dave Matthews Band has a great building intro that just keeps the tempo going throughout.

This Too Shall Pass by OK Go has a good tempo (and a sweet video!)

Actually, so does their song Here It Goes Again - it’s the treadmill song!

My all time favorite song to workout to is The Moil by Galactic. Ignore the unrelated video.

Just about everything I’ve heard from The Go! Team can be used in a workout mix. To start look at Thunder, Lightning, Strike, it’s an album where all of the songs are pretty much based on 80’s GI Joe commercial style music. For example: Junior Kickstart, Huddle Formation, Panther Dash

I’m also a pretty big fan of Lettuce. Songs like Blast Off, or Making My Way Back Home have a pretty seductive tempo.

If you liked Lettuce, give Breakestra a look. It’s not as consistently up tempo, but The Live Mix Part 2 can suck you in and make you forget anything.

Run Like Hell by Floyd.


*Bodies *by Drowning Pool

We did this same thing recently, possibly in the Game Room. People run to wildly varied musical tastes, so my Classic Rock suggestions might not mesh with your ears. I have lots of CCR, Beatles, Stones, plus a variety of faster paced blues, a wee bit of punk, and some oddballs from the 80’s.

It may be too repetetive/house for you but it’s nice for early in the workout.

Furious Angels
I also like a working out angry. Plenty of cussing in this one.

Limp Bizkit

Go with the flow: QOTSA
Taste: Ride
The real me: The Who

They may make you run slightly too fast though.

Third Uncle: Brian Eno.

I found that Paul Simons Graceland was a great running companion,

Here’s the recent thread - Help Me Make a Playlist for Upcoming Marathon! - Cafe Society - Straight Dope Message Board

I recently downloaded a Ministry of Sound album called Running Trax. It’s not the type of music I would listen to generally, but I find it good for running to as it has a strong beat. It’s mainly dancey type remixes of a mixture of songs.

You can’t go far wrong with the classics:

“Linus and Lucy” from the Vince Guaraldi Trio.

Ha, nice. Thanks for the suggestions fellas (and the link Telemark, I did do a search but got either “Fatal Error: Blah blah blah some numbers” or 3 unrelated results).

Not everyone is a fella. :slight_smile:

The ‘Run Lola Run’ soundtrack.

Vangelis’ L’Enfant.

(I can never resist an obscure reference. :slight_smile: )

I’ll see your Run Like Hell and raise you a Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen. :smiley:

I put a new “Best Running Songs” song up every month on my blog.

Check it out here if you’d like.