Good Source For Linen Clothing?

I’d like more linen clothing. I’d rather not trot out to every store in the mall hoping they have some. Anyone have any good sources (online preferred) for linen clothing? They don’t have to exclusively sell it, but should have a nice range.

Lands End has a good selection of linen clothing. LL Bean doesn’t have as much, but does have some.

Put ‘linen’ in the search box. You will be presented with a whole host of linen and linen/cotton items. Prices are very reasonable.

Try The Territory Ahead. They have on-line and catalog shopping. Not sure about actual bricks-and-mortar stores.

I have several linen shirts from Old Navy. (probably too many)

I love the look of linen, but JAYzuz…I looked like I slept in my clothes after 10 minutes! Do you have a secret for staying uncorrogated?

Dry Clean with extra starch.

That will make it last most of the day if you feel a need to look sharp.

Doesn’t that make it “boxy” looking?

I’d like it just soft, but it wrinkles tons more than plain ol’ cotton.

Linen blend. The feel of linen, the look of linen, with 50% less “slept in your clothes”.

Well, I can make linen clothes, if you can provide the thread and other recipe ingredients. I don’t skill up from it any more, but I have a lot of pieces of linen in my inventory.


[sub]My first thought when I saw this thread was, “Why don’t you post in the trade channel asking for some?” I plan to step away from the World of Warcraft slowly.[/sub]

I s’pose I could grow some if I really tried.