Goofing on the Boss

This morning we had one of our weekly safety meetings. We’re starting to have these more and more as our department has the worst safety record of the whole company. Apparently arms and legs have been flying off at an alarming rate. So, once a week the boss brings us all together to give us a short safety lecture on how to use a knife or lift a box or some such other topic.

So, he starts his speech and he wants to give us a hypothetical situation with a hypothetical employee. And he hasn’t thought of anything before hand and hems and haws a bit and finally comes up with a name.

Harry Johnson.

It was all we could do to keep from cracking up for the rest of the meeting.

hehehe… You said hypothetical.

When I was at the DMV last week, there was a name called out that made me giggle. Richard Member. Heh.

My great uncle was named Richard Rising, and he always went by the short form. To top it off, he was an Episcopalian minister–the Right Reverend Dick Rising (or something like that).

Humorous :smiley:

A real gentleman I once knew:

Dick Hickey


Please meet the NSW Minister for Gaming and Racing:

The Hon. Richard Face MP


I don’t get it ! Can someone explain, please ?

What’s so funny about the name “Harry Johnson”, ?:confused:

Eutychus, it could have been worse… your boss could have picked the name “Peter Johnson” or something.

My brother and his friend used to know someone named Jack Wang in high school… you know what teenagers will do to that name! :eek:

Sounds like “Hairy Johnson”.

Unless I’m completely off here, too.

And of course we can’t forget New Hampshire politician

Dick Swett

When I was in Munich I saw a sign that said “Peter Palmer”. Another one said “Christ Schmuck”. I have photos of them somewhere.

Around here, a fellow named Rob Steele is running for the state legislature.

When I was in college, I met a guy named Richard Dick. His frat brothers called him Double.

The Dick list…

Real people I have met.

Dick Cramp
Dick Silver
Dick Tapper - BTW he is Urologist
and the best of all is Dick Stiff… really, I have his business card!

Aside from race car driver Dick Trickle, (which sounds like a horrible STD), the only other funny name I can think of is a local high school football coach, whose name is:
Dickey Dingle. :smiley:

Who in their right mind would keep a nick-name like that?

When I lived in Santa Cruz, the president of a local TV station was often on the tube making PSA’s and such. His name was Dick Drilling.

One of the officers for a foundation I’m working with is called Chris T. Christ.

Richard Tickle lives down the street from me!

Names I have seen:
Dick Gulick
Dick Haire
Dr. Slutsky (gynocologist, of course)
Dr Paine and Dr Stinger are two dentists that I do not plan to visit.
And best of all, seen in the newspaper as a witness to a hole in one by a relative named Jim Beavers…Mr. Harry Beavers.

Dr. Richard Hertz.