Google-fu needed: help me find a particular birthday gift!

So I’m looking for a birthday gift for a friend of mine, and neither Amazon nor KB Toys seems to have want I want. Can anyone suggest somewhere that might? I’m looking for something that meets the following criteria:

(a) Pink
(b) Small
(c) Plastic or plush
(d) Figurine or animal
(e) Preferably with wings
(f) Inexpensive (say, $10 or less)

A tiny pink plastic/stuffed fairy or something similar would be ideal.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Pink rubber duck?

Here and here.

I just Googled Pink Stuffed Fairy.

And I was going to mention the plush microbes you can get at ThinkGeek.

I’ve never studied Google-Fu, but I have found dogpileitsu to be very satisfying and more in keeping with my world view. (FWIW, I simply copied your list verbatim w/o the bullets and got: )

A Fairy Catching Kit? It’s $11.00

I’m not sure what type of friend this is for, so this may be highly inappropriate. (SFW)

My daughter and I love the fairy puppet series from Folkmanis. (Except, um…try not to think about fingering the puppet’s girly bits. It’s an unfortunate placement of the uh, fingering hole.)
The Rose Fairy is pink.

Man, I wish the Rose Fairy puppet was a little bit smaller, because it looks perfect otherwise. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions so far!

How about a pigasus?

I always wanted a My Little Pony pegasus when I was little.

I think the pigasus is cuter, though.

How 'bout a 5" fairy?

I love it, but the website says it wouldn’t be shipped until late April; I need mine by Thursday of next week.


All right, well at least we seem to share the same taste in fairies, so I’ll keep looking!

How about a stuffed poop? Ok, it only fits half of your criteria at best, but still, it’s a stuffed poop.

2.5" Fairy dolls. So cute! So tiny! We wants it!

Scroll down about 1/3 of the way and try not to be distracted by the awesome natural wood storage “boxes” they also have. Also, do not scroll down to see the teeny weeny little wooden fairy furniture or the tea set. Or the woven fairy rugs. Or the itty bitty little fairy baskets and fans. (How do they even DO those?)

5.5" Rose Fairy Doll Cotton, wool and wire core…
It looks available, but I’m not sure

That site also offers a beaded fairy ornament kit that comes in pink that is within the OP’s price range.

This is all good stuff. Let me provide a little context/background: my friend has joked about wanting to have an army of minions to do her every bidding. These minions, as she envisions them, are small, flying, and dressed in pink. And intensely loyal, of course.

I merely seek to present her with a minion or two. (Actually, I figure I’ll either give her one of 'em, or I’ll give her three identical ones…which is another reason why they should ideally be on the small side.)

You see now why I’ve gravitated towards fairies, although I’m certainly not married to that idea if I could find something non-fairy that’s really appropriate.

So thank you for all your suggestions so far, everyone…and if you’ve got any more based on this expanded description of my aims, I’d love to hear them. :slight_smile:

I looked at Amy Brown’s site, but most of it is rather pricey. (She does have some pretty embroidered patches for sale in your price range, you might peek there?) She used to have a Faery Shop, but they closed it. However, here is the page that links to the various Artist’s sites whose works were also sold in the Faery Shop. You might find something at one of their sites, Jessica Galbreth is rather popular. Let me just check the Pyramid Collection also to see if there might be something there. I’ll post again if I find anything there.