Gosh darn you quote-eating hamsters to heck...

Ok, Chairman, have at it.


[tiptoes back into the thread to fix the OP]

OK, Charmain, have at it.

[quietly slips back out of the thread, hoping someone didn’t notice the crass mistake]

Something to do with this CS Buffy thread, but exactly what, I have no clue.

Careful. Mentioning the hamsters might cause the 8763rd TechChick meltdown.


OK, it’s like this. The hamsters that power the SDMB have been snacking on a quote that Charmian has been trying to insert into a post.

Thought I’d provide a comfy place for some spleen venting to keep the hamsters from being pounded into little hamster patties with a rubber mallet.

BTW, the hamsters have eaten more than one post of mine, once ate the entire OP from a thread I started about knitting.


Hamsters can type?

The hamsters have sent their evil minions into my work computer. They ate a CAD incident card that should have been assigned to one of our ambulances.

D-Con will be deployed at 1800 hrs.

Actually, shortly after I threatened to play Whack-a-Mole with the SDMB hamsters the board seemed to go down for a while.

Ha! See? Proof! They *are[/] afraid of me!


*are[/] ??

The critters got revenge by having your italics for a snack!

I’d be careful if I were you…

those hamsters Have eaten their last thread!

Oh no! their after me!

:: curls into fetal postion and weeps:::