Got a plan for Pie Day?

I will be too busy celebrating “Steak and a Blowjob Day” to celebrate this supposed “Pi Day”.

Personally? When I come back, I’ll bring pi.

What? Someone had to do it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, indeed. I think this year we’re pushing thirty people at our house for pie day. The rules are simple:

  1. If this is your first time, just show up.
  2. When come back, bring pie.
  3. Sweet or savory is okay: we should have a mix.
  4. Eat pie until you’re feeling sick.

We’ve been celebrating it for many years, and it’s one of the best holidays ever.

No one told me about this. Why didn’t I get the memo! [angry face]

This thread is quite honestly the first I’ve ever heard of it.

I’ll be having a party - bring a pie or a beverage to share, I’m providing real whipped cream, and we’ll throw on a math-related movie. We haven’t decided on a movie yet.

The pies I’m providing are pumpkin, and jello pudding (turtle flavor), since those are what I have. I’ve also heard to expect a lemon merrange and an apple.

There’s also May 1 (31 April) for them non-US folk.

Happy birthday, dear Meurglys!! Happy Birthday to you!

I’m making ablueberry pie, and I made some ginger pies yesterday. Yum, pie!

Board games and apple pie.

We have a cherry and an apple pie, both warming in the oven right now to be served with vanilla ice cream.

I proposed to my family that we start gift giving on Pi day instead of Christmas since none of us are Christians, plus Pi day comes after we get our tax refund checks. Must remember to say grace to the IRS tonight before bed!

I just finished my lemon tart. Mmmm. Lemon tart. Any excuse to eat pie works for me.

Had a free slice of pie with my entree @ Marie Callender’s. Oreo cream cheese. Mmm!

I’m going to talk like a pirate and have two pie Arrrrrrrr!

Well, now at this point we’ve come full circle.

Probably too late now, but the only math-related movie I know of (aside from Pi, of course) is Proof. What am I missing?

Wait, never mind, I just remembered Good Will Hunting and A Beautiful Mind. Still, I think that Proof is better.

Pi Day Report: My apple pie probably should have stayed in the oven for another ten minutes, but I really wanted pie so I took it out. The top crust came out fine, anyway- it was just the bottom was a bit soggy.

Ginger pie? This sounds amazing! Could I have the recipe?

I’ll probably listen to the song “Pi” by Kate Bush. It’s a love letter to a man who loves Pi, and she sings the numbers for quite a while. She does screw up the numbers at some point, but I forgive her. It’s a cool song, plus it’s a bit of a joke for all the people who said over the years that they’d love Kate even if she were singing a phone book. The numbers of Pi are close enough.

I did not, in fact, make chicken pot pie, but apple pie at my husband’s request. It was ugly but he said it tasted great (I do not like apple pie, so will rely on him. I had a tiny taste and would have put in more cinnamon, but I followed the recipe). I used Pam Anderson’s The Perfect Recipe, which said to freeze the butter, and ended up with dough that was kind of gummy.

Well, we started out with pie from Perkin’s restaurant early Sunday morning (French Silk for me, Key Lime for my husband), then my husband made Refrigerator Pie (broccoli & ham quiche from Alton Brown’s recipe) for dinner & we had store-bought Apple Pie for dessert.

Mmmmm, pie all day! :slight_smile: