Got any cool names for a couple of snakes?


I’m adding a couple of Rat Snakes to my own menagarie and I’d like to give them really good names. They were both born in August and I’ll be able to bring them home pretty soon. Right now my friend, who bred the boy and bought the girl for me, is giving them a good start with feeding etc. I go over a couple of times a week to feed and clean them, so they get used to my scent on the food, and my handling. The female is a leucistic (sp? A true white snake, with coloured eyes, not an albino)) Texas Rat and the male is a Black Rat.

The girl is sort of a creamy white and the boy currently is charcoal grey with darker bands. He may darken with age and some Black Rats completely lose their stripes and go pure black.

I was thinking of native names, perhaps using the words for black and white. The Black Rat has a habitat that extends into eastern Canada, so maybe Ojibway? Texas for the girl might include Apache?

If I can’t find / don’t like, those options, how about snakes in Mythology? Any other languages?

I’d appreciate any and all suggestions!

Thanks, zoogirl.

Adam and Eve.

Steve and Eydie.

Michael and LaToya

Sigmund and Freud

Anna and Kobie

(for anaconda and cobra, of course:D)

Well, I’ve always thought Fluffy would be a good name for a snake…

but then there’s the whole other snake to name…

How 'bout Rupert and Jenny?

Kang and Kodos

I used to have a pair of fire-bellied newts named Behemoth & Leviathan.

You have my permission to steal it :slight_smile:

I’d call one Wolfgang Reitherman.

I like kang and kodos if you’re going to do the similar name thing.

Wow! What a great idea!

Damn it, I was coming in here to suggest Adam and Eve, ** Earl ** I hope I can call you Earl…

Sir Hiss and Kaa.

Badger and Mushroom.


Hey, thanks! Good ideas all.

I think I prefer to avoid “paired” names, though. One of them always goes first. Do you have any idea how many single “Salt” and “Peppers” there are out there?!

Keep 'em coming, the jury’s still out!

Naga and Nummo

Phobos and Deimos

Hiss and Hearse

Siegfried and Roy.

Porkchop and Meatball