Graduating Texas High School students required to complete traffic stop interaction class.

Seems like a great idea. Traffic stops can be stressful for everybody. It makes sense to educate young people so they understand how to respond and what are their rights.

IIRC we covered this in my driver’s ed class thirty years ago. It would be a good idea to show this video in adult driver’s ed classes.

This reminds me, I need a new can-opener.

They could have made the video less formal and more interesting.

But, it is a classroom video and in my experience they were always a bit mind numbing.

They need to produce another video called “Drivers, don’t look at the passenger while you’re talking to them, you moron.”

Does the class tell you what to do when you are raped by the officer pulling you over?

They missed a golden opportunity to recycle some of Chris Rock’s earlier work.

“How to file a complaint against or a compliment on behalf of a peace officer.”

So … I guess it depends on how you felt about the interaction the next morning.

I really thought that was gonna be the Texas cops that “searched” a couple girl’s vaginas.

The production kinda sucked but the idea is sound. I’d like to have seen a little more depth on refused searches and, passenger rights and ID requirements.

Maybe we should make a video for the cops.

What you’re asking for is Barry Cooper’s Never Get Busted Again.

He’s a cop, that will tell you what you do and don’t have to do, and what lies cops can tell and what lies they DO tell.

What the fuck, dude?

So…just lie back and enjoy it knowing you can always file a complaint the next morning?

I guess you could try to fight them, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It seems like a good way to get murdered.

Is this representative of your advice for all people getting raped?

Cops would seem to pose a particularly threat:

  1. we know they’ve got a gun

  2. we know they receive a good bit of deference from the legal system

That’s not an answer. Would you give that advice to anyone getting raped?

It’s far more concerning to me that apparently, a rape victim may want to “compliment” her rapist the next morning.

This is fucking sick!

I’ve not really considered what broadly-applicable advice I might have for anyone getting raped. I doubt there’s just one course of action that is universally the right choice for everyone always. My advice would be to decide for themselves what they think the best course of action is for their circumstances.

Hey Ditka, wouldja mind spelling out the context here?

“So … I guess it depends on how you felt about the interaction the next morning.”

Because that sounds really bad.