Grammys tonight: apparently Paul and Ringo will perform together.

This is the rumour I’m hearing, in case you’re interested.

Super-duper! If you don’t have TV, NPR is going to broadcast it live via the internet.

That’s why I’ve got it turned on. I’m liking the homage to John.

This isn’t about John and Ringo, which is probably the last time I knew any of the music nominated, but who are the guys in motorcycle helmets who just won something?

French DJ duo Daft Punk. They never appear without them.

My guess, “Sgt Peppers / With a Little Help From My Friends.” Really, is there any other possibility?

Drats. Missed that.

Thank you. I didn’t mean to hijack the Ringo and Paul focus.

Any chance of Sean and Dhani jumping in to play with them?

Incorrect. The NPR thing is just a blog. Can the Grammy Awards be viewed via internet? Anyone got a link?

Was it the Powerpuff Girls song?

Well, Ringo just did “Photograph” which is a great song on its own, but the pictures of George and John in the background made it quite bittersweet.

“All I’ve got is a photograph, and I realize you’re not coming back anymore.”


For anybody wondering what he’s talking about.

Ah! Here comes the duo.

Meh. Much ado about nothing after all.

Paul trying to sell his new record.

Did they play together?

Yeah, Ringo drummed for some new Paul release. 'Nuff said.
ETA: Yawn.

Well, Ringo played along with Paul’s real drummer.

OK the Macklemore performance/mass wedding was awesome. Of course I noticed CBS cut away every time a same sex couple was about to kiss.

I don’t know who any of these people are other than Beyonce, who is completely overrated. I wish they would introduce the artists, cuz I’m completely out of touch. Was that Bieber that sang something? No clue. :frowning: