The Grammys are Bunk?

I’ve phrased the title as a question; but I’m leaning towards making it a statement. Much of my ire stems from the pathetic treatment of Nickel Creek’s This Side album. The disc, which I reviewed a few weeks ago, was nominated for only two awards.

In my review, I mentioned that the entire album would be challenging for Bluegrass Traditionalists. Predictably, I guess, the Grammy nomination committees overlooked this album in the Best Bluegrass Album category. I can only assume they knew they were wrong, so they nominated the album for Best Contemporary Folk Album.

Contemporary Folk Album? Wha …?

Looking over the other nominees for this category, I can see two things:

  1. They’re in very good company along with Johnny Cash, The Chieftains, Steve Earle and **Patty Griffin.
  2. This category seems to be for artists whose music is too challenging for the ossified rules of their genre.

You mean to tell me that country music can’t accept Johnny Cash (The Man in Black for God’s sake!) anymore? And it never really embraced Steve Earle. Like Bluegrass Traditionalism’s rejection of Nickel Creek; these genres will become more irrelevant if they can’t learn to grow. Ironically, individual tracks from Cash’s album show up in the Best Country Collaboration With Vocals and Best Male Country Vocal Performance categories. So which is it, Contemporary Folk or Country?

As noted previously, The Smoothie Song is the only instrumental on This Side. As an instrumental, featuring the trio’s stellar fiddle, mandolin and guitar playing, it is comfortable for the Bluegrass genre. Hence, comes the album’s other nomination for Best Country Instrumental. I’m not sure why there’s no Bluegrass Instrumental category. It seems the County Instrumental category lumps both Bluegrass and Country together. So this seems the appropriate category, where it has respectable competition from Béla Fleck, The Chieftains with Earl Scruggs and The Dixie Chicks.

Bluegrass is not the only category with stupendous mistakes. Can someone explain to me how Queens of the Stone Age, while nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance, are not in the running for Best Rock Album, Best Rock Song (for No One Knows, First it Giveth, Hangin’ Tree or Another Love Song), Album of the Year or Record of the Year?

And now for some glaring stupidity:

Sk8er Boi is nominated for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. I don’t want to get into a general bashing of Avril Lavigne, which would be just too easy. But this has to be the most asinine, treacley piece of garbage inflicted on the public since Billy Don’t Be a Hero. I understand she has been lauded by critics and the public for bringing “punk” sensibilities to Pop. So the nominating committee wanted to recognize that “accomplishment” by giving her 5 Grammy nominations. But couldn’t they have at least picked one of the less annoying songs like I’m With You?

I could go on about the injustice of Kenny G being nominated for anything, but there are just too many of you who’d probably like to contribute with your own Grammy outrages. So I’ll cede the floor.

Ah to be 20 again and rail against the stupidities of the Grammy ignoring Bob Dylan (they hadn’t, BTW, – he picked one up in 1972). Or about A Taste of Honey being named Best New Artist over Elvis Costello.

It isn’t just the old farts who rant about how bad things are. You usually stop taking the Grammies seriously when you reach age 21 and realize that the never come particularly close to naming the best. The Grammies have probably the worst track record of any major award show, and it’s hardly a big revelation to notice what people have been noticing for decades.

Oh, and Taste of Honey beat out Chris Rea and Toto, too.

All together now: “Toto, too.”

I’m 33. Ranting against the Grammys knows no age limit.

<Simpsons reference>
bellboy:Wow! somebody dropped an award!
bellboy:Oh wait, it’s just a (another?) Grammy
</Simpsons reference>


So what took you so long? :slight_smile: I was ranting about the Grammies before you were born.

How about “Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal”? Nominees are Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews, No Doubt, 'NSYNC and Bowling For Soup. Bowling For Soup??? I’ve heard of them before, but what the hell are they doing up for Grammy? They have one video on MTV.

Me too, Chuck. :slight_smile:

I can’t find a complete list of winners at the Grammy site. You can search for specific categories or names, but there is no comprehensive listing. You’d think they were ashamed of the winners or something.

Anyway, I managed to find a full listing (through 1999) here.

How about this hip and up to the minute set of winners from 1966 (for recordings made in 1965)?

Record of the Year

Herb Alpert
A Taste of Honey

Album of the Year

Frank Sinatra
September of My Years

Song of the Year

Paul Francis Webber, Johnny Mandel (songwriter)
For: The Shadow of Your Smile (Theme from The Sandpiper)

Best New Artist

Tom Jones

Best Solo Vocal Performance, Male

Frank Sinatra
For: It Was a Very Good Year

Best Solo Vocal Performance, Female

Barbra Streisand
For: My Name is Barbra

Best Performance by a Vocal Group

Anita Kerr Quartet
For: We Dig Mancini

Best Contemporary Rock & Roll Single

Roger Miller
For: King of the Road

Best Contemporary Rock & Roll Vocal Performance, Male

Roger Miller
For: King of the Road

Best Contemporary Rock & Roll Performance, Female

Petula Clark
For: I Know a Place

Best Contemporary Rock & Roll Performance by a Group

Statler Brothers
For: Flowers on the Wall

Every year there are grammy nominations that make me shake my head and wonder why and this year is no exeption. The two nominations this year are Nelly for It’s Getting Hot In Here (I’m pretty sure he was nominated but I could be wrong and hope I am.). Has any one actually listened to the lyrics in this song? Here’s a little part from the song. It’s getting hot in hear so take off all your clothes. I am getting so hot I wanna take my clothes off. I mean seriously, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard and it was nominated?!?!?! Second is Avril. She is not punk. She may think she dresses like she is, but she isn’t. She is very much bubble gum pop and I can’t figure out why people think otherwise.
In referance to the simpsons quote, you forgot one major part from it that really made it funy to me. I don’t remember exactly, but some one said in respons to the grammy being thrown out the window, “Don’t throw your trash out here!” It was so funy.
Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents on the grammys.

My answer to anyone who actually believes that the Grammys mean anything consists of two words: Nelly Furtado. That’s all that needs to be said.

If the music industry wants to have a bunch of huge parties every year, why don’t they just do that? I say can the awards ceremony once and for all. Get them all together for one big fancy-dress group fuck and be done with it.

See, this is the thing about the Grammys. You take a look at previous years’ winners and shake your head. Lots of winners you never hear from again, lots of winners you get sick and tired of, etc. etc.

And then there’s the whole confusion of what the hell category things get nominated in. Seems every year there’s something that’s out of place.

I’m not sure how much of an honor it really is to be a Grammy winner anymore. I mean, it certainly does get you some publicity, but IMHO it doesn’t give you any credibility as an artist.

Cosign. I think Songs for the Deaf is the best album of the year.

I can’t wait to see who wins Best Polka Album this year.

Definition of optimist:
An accordion player with a beeper.

Without Brave Combo in the running, I can’t seem to care about the Polka category. I’m still bitter about them not winning last year.

Hijackity jack:

I just read a really (unintentionally) funny interview with Avril Levigne where she said that she’s not punk and has never said she was punk.

I can’t believe I’m defending her, so back to your regularly scheduled grammy bashing.

Jethro Tull beats out Metallica for Best Metal Album.

Worst Grammy Moment Ever. This was when the grammies were truely shown for what they are: out of touch old foggies who make their picks straight out of the pages of rolling stone.

I’ll say it again–neither Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot nor Beck’s Sea Change were nominated for Album of the Year. One or the other being left off could have been chalked up to taste, but both?

To quote Kevin Smith–music industry, this is your finger. This is the pulse. This is your finger, far from the pulse, jammed straight up your ass.

Dr. J

Oh, and it chaps my ass when Johnny Cash and Steve Earle are consider “alternative country”. As I’ve said for a long time, alt-country is defined as country music too good to be played on country radio.

Milli Vanilli

‘Hot in Here’? Isn’t that song a little too straightforward and obvious even for hip-hop?