Grand Thef Auto: San Andres Map Question

I throw this out to you dopers because I am sure one of you knows the answer to this.

How big (in game miles X by X) is the map for San Andres?

Google has not been my friend and I have searched many gaming sites but could not find the answer.

I don’t know, but I do know that it is 3 times the size of Vice City and Vice city is twice the size of Liberty city.

So if you can find out the size of the city in the original GTA 3 you should be able to do the math and get a good answer!

Not entirely certain, but if you can weed through the “j00 da suXXorz” posts, you may find the answer somewhere on here.

One thing you could do: take a plane (or a helicopter), fly to one edge of the playing area, check your stat for “Distance travelled with <vehicle>”, fly to the opposite edge, check the stat again and do the math.

Dunno how accurate this method is, but it could be worth your while…