Great commercial (for deodorant no less...go figure)

Maybe it is just me but I think this is one of the best commercials I have seen in a long time. Very well written, entertaining…

I dunno. Feels funny being jazzed about any commercial much less one for deodorant but this one works for me. Maybe it is because every guy can relate to this.

What do you think?

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ETA: Keifer Sutherland was a great choice for this.

The audio portion was good but the video was geared to the same pre-teens that previous Axe commercials were directed to. Comic book characters, apocalyptic cretins and pyrotechnics wouldn’t have appealed to me as a 17 year old and they don’t now.

When Axe first appeared, I liked the commercials. They seemed to be a sarcastic take on the stereotypical cosmetic commercial. But they stayed with that tone year after year until it seemed like they were out of ideas or believed their own spiel. This new commercial looks like the beginning of a new direction, but cartoon characters don’t belong in a advertisement directed to teenagers.

Yeah, I can relate to that. I had one of those.