Great idea for a cancelled wedding

Feed the homeless with the reception!

This is a FANTASTIC idea. Why did it take this long for someone to think of it?

That’s a great idea. It’s cool that they apparently plan to keep doing this every year now.

I could imagine that some reception venues might have a problem with a family bringing a huge group of homeless people there, though.

Similar programs are all over the place. In Indianapolis, Second Helpings rescues leftover (unprepared and/or unserved) food from receptions, restaurants and other locations, and serves it to the homeless, or makes it available for other receptions (staffed by their recently trained employees, typically ex-homeless).

I’d imagine the jilted party is probably too upset to think charitably in the wake of such a personal disaster.

I’m sure it’s been done before but not publicized.

I do remember a story not long ago about a wedding that was cancelled less than a week beforehand, and the bride decided to go ahead and have a party with all the invited guests anyway. :slight_smile:

The money was already spent; why not do what you want with it?

I can just see some homeless person taking advantage of this-The minister says “Does anyone have a reason for these two not to be married”, the HP stands up and says “Didn’t all those blowjobs I gave you in the ally means [anything to you??” Chaos ensues.
Bonus points if said HP is male.

I saw a news item about something like this YEARS ago. The groom jilted the bride the day of the wedding, never showed up and left a message.

So the bride(second marriage) called local homeless shelters and they arranged to have the folks at the fancy reception that was already being set up, and was certainly already paid for.

To me, it would be a nice thing to do, and be the best of all possible ways to make the ex-groom look even more like a jerk.

I wonder if it was an open bar…

I remember reading about something like this in high school–back in the 80’s.

None of the articles I’ve seen have mentioned which party decided to call off the wedding. The bride could have jilted the groom, for all we know.