Great Joy!!

It’s gone!!

The big yellow shiney burney hot thingy in the sky has finally buggered off, at least here in the North West of England anyway. :smiley:

Clouds…beautiful clouds adorn the sky, grey is the colour of the day.

I’ve not witnessed scenes of such joy since the old King died. :wink:

People are dancing in the streets, wild bacchanalian orgies on every corner, birds, dogs, cats, squirrels and a couple of ferrets engaging in furious copulation with anything that moves.

Seems like VE day and the Coronation all rolled in one.

Happy days are here again…tra la :smiley:

Today it was only 37 degrees - a vast improvement from the weekend. I miss clouds. WHY DID YOU TAKE OUR CLOUDS, ENGLAND?

This is Canada. It should not be hot here.

Long-term forecast on Radio 4 this morning: August will be hotter than July. Gaah! I am, however, enjoying the downturn.

Was even thinking about investing in a portable a/c unit this week, so bad is the heatstore effect of the upper storey of my house.

This I don’t mind as I’m on holidays for all of August - haha! I hate the hot weather when I’m working but when I’m on holidays, bring it on baby! :smiley:

Checks Calendar

Dammit! You’ve sent it this way haven’t you?

Me and my big gob!!

Bastard TBYSBHT has once again hove into view to inflict more misery on us poor suffering mortals.

Oh and thanks for the good news JJIM, made my bleeding day that has :frowning:


Clouds are our heritage, as is rain, sleet, snow, fog etc.

Someone has however fucked up on a grand scale this time around.

This is the land of dogsledding and hockey and igloos and poutine. I miss clouds.

Just before 9am EST and it’s 30c here (Brampton, ON), humid, overcast and rain threatening the next three days or so. Better than it has been but none of those nice cool breezes associated with impending storms. Just waves of muggy.

Right now we have dark skies, wind, thunder, lightning and RAIN lots of glorious RAIN. The TBYSBHT is temporarily vanquished.
Now hail too, woo hoo!
Posting quickly before the lightning takes the power out.

Maybe someone put the US Pres. in charge of weather and now he’s trying to turn the world into Texas?

Today in Denver we had thunder and lightning…in the flipping MORNING!! That’s all wrong.

At 4 this morning I was awoken by very loud thunder, and spent 15 minutes watching the most spectacular storm I’ve ever seen in England unfold above my head. The highlight was a flash of forked lightning like an arm and a hand that went horizontally across the entire width of the sky.

But now, since its temporary cooling effect, TBYSBHT has just reappeared and I’m starting to sweat again.

I went to sleep last night on the couch, with the windows open so I could hear the glorious thunderstorm and feel the cool air.

By the time I woke up the thunderstorn was over, the cool air was gone, and in it’s place was 73% percent humidity hanging in the air, as thick as molasses.

Rain again. PLEASE!!!

Some bastards have all the sodding luck :wink: