Great Thread starters I've forgotten

I have had many instances where I would have a thought and think, “Hmm. That would be a good discussion on MPSIMS.” When I finally get in front a a keyboard, I have almost no idea what the thought was, or I remember what title I was going to use, but not the inspiration.
Am I alone in this, a victim of a faulty memory (It was the brain surgery, not old age, darn it!!!), or has this happened to you?

The inspiration for this thread was “Clever, punny names for businesses you’ve seen or thought up.” But I can’t remember the business that caught my attention in the first place.

I guess a response to either rabbit trail is acceptable here.

Laying in bed trying to sleep I come up with a million of them. When I am poised ready to type, they don’t seem so smart. In fact they are mostly dumb.


I’ve always wondered about people who tell you to keep a notebook by the bed so you can write down the great thoughts and dreams you had, because nothing I came up with in the middle of the night looks good by the light of day.:dubious: