Greatest. NLCS. Ever! (So far)

Game 1. Cubs up by four. Down by one. Down by two. Tied up. Down by two. Tied up with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Cubs lose in 11.

Not the best outcome, but what a game.

Game 2. 12 Cubs are coming home tonight and the center field cameraman (almost 500 feet from home plate) almost gets a souvenir.

Game 3. I’ve seen a few see-saws, but this was seeingest-sawingest see-saw I ever saw. The whole game was great, but the emotional rollercoaster of the bottom of the eleventh was simply unbelievable.

High - Catillo strikes out, thank Og we kept him off base.

Low - Castillo reaches after strike three gets past Bako.

High - Rodriguez hits what should be a game ending double play ball.

Low - Remmy bobbles it slightly and takes the safe out at first.

High - Lee hits what should be a game ending grounder to third.

Low - Ramirez doesn’t field the ball cleanly, it’s gonna be tough to throw Lee out at first.

High - Ramirez doesn’t try to throw to first, and instead catches Castillo in a rundown. Cubs win.

Er… I mean…



Feel free to switch around the highs and lows if you’re a Marlins fan.

And that was just the first three games!

Yesterday Beckett pitched, but he didn’t need his [bull]pen to write that the Cubs are still waiting for Godot.:frowning:

Prior goes tomorrow. If he wins the Wood starts the Series…

The Weather Channel says that the rains should stop by gametime, but the winds will remain strong and blowing out. Look for a lot of homers.

Yep, it’s windy here today, no doubt about it. It is a homerun kinda day.

I don’t know if I can handle the emotional rollercoaster that this game promises to be.

Just call me when it’s over, OK?

Greatest NLCS ever?!? Answer: No.

My nominees:

1980: Phillies over Astros in 5. Five weird and close games.

1986: Mets over Astros in 5. All tight games, including a 16 inning affair.