Greatest painting ever?

Jesus shooting up with a junkie blows With You Always out of the water. (I was in Gatlenberg a couple of weeks ago. Wish I had seen this then.)


Thanks for that, “with you always” is hilarious in so many ways.

This is my favourite because Jesus looks like a young Kris Kristofferson, and the driver looks like Martin Sheen. This is clearly the backstory to “Convoy”. The Sheen character was obviously killed by Jesus’s interference (see how terrified he looks) and he was Dirty Lyle’s brother hence the persecution of the “rubber duck” that jesus was to become (for does he not also transcend the surface of the water?) and the necessary inclusion of “jesus freaks on grass” as his followers.

Shit, I’ve drunk far too much coffee this morning.

I thought the Interwebs had decided on the 3 Wolf Moon thing.

That is the creepiest looking Jesus I have ever seen. It looks like the trucker ignored the signs not to pick up hitchhikers near the men’s prison.