...Green Lantern sneak peak.

…much better than the first trailer. I’m loving the look of this, this might be the first movie I’ve seen in the cinema since Star Trek!

Didn’t the Green Lantern already get released several weeks ago? If not more than a month?

That was Green Hornet. No relation.

Anyway, it seems cool, but that mask makes Reynolds look like Ben Stiller.

Cool, but with these really elaborate trailers now I feel like I’ve pretty such seen the whole movie.

Well, that movie was clearly written for 3D, wasn’t it.

Okay, I am now cautiously optimistic. (So, I was explaining to the Daughter that Tomar-Re, the bird-beaked dude, never really forgave himself for allowing Krypton to explode while he was on duty. Tragic backstory for a supporting character. I sometimes forget how big a geek I am.)