Greenlife and other similar people

The new member greenlife has not made a single coherent, intelligible post since signing up. Not one. Go ahead and see for yourself.

Despite such obvious trolling, people are responding to threads with titles such as “Medjugorje ex-nun seer of Extraterrestrials” and “Petrus Romanus - who is the predicted last pope?” in Great Debates.

Literally half of the threads greenlife has started have been closed by moderator action, with the same exact word-for-word warning in each of them. Another thread seems on the verge of being closed for similar reasons.

Why do we tolerate this behavior? Greenlife is literally not communicating anything in his/her posts, and obviously having a laugh at our reaction to the gibberish. Just end it already.

The mods seem to tolerate new posters like this longer than a lot of us would like, but these guys never last very long. One week or one month, not much of a difference.

This board would die of boredom if we didn’t have an occasional Greenlife, or Jack Dean Tyler, or that Time Cube guy, or whatever.

Sure it’s fun to offer veiled insults to each other in Great Debates and call each other big red twats in the Pit, but sometimes we need a true raving nut-ball to bring us all together.

He appears to be a lunatic, not a troll. People have fun with that type of thing once in a while, and no, it never lasts long.

I can only imagine that to a committed Republican, the current crop of candidates would be the equivalent of having to choose between greenlife, Angela Davis, Cynthia McKinney, Randall Terry and Lyndon LaRouche. Bernie Sanders would get primaried for his lack of partisanship and Obama would be the “most dangerously conservative president in history”. All our work would be cut out trying to explain to people that they were not representative of our positions and that there are reasonable ideological positions on the left-wing.

And he’s gone, just as the oracle predicted. You won’t have greenlife to kick around anymore.

I’ll be offering my farseeing services to the general public for fifteen dollars per prediction, if anyone is interested.

Just as Our Lady predicts.


… And shit.