Grocery store mishap in produce! / Schadenfreude

So anyway, then the sales clerk says to me —

Oh, hold on do you mind ? just a sec, I need to put the phone down, my basket’s hung… OK anyway, yadda yadda blah…

Oh look would you believe that? I need some of those little peppers for my salad and I’m in produce right where they usually have them, cherry and those green ones, banana peppers, and they’re out. Why is it that they can’t stock the same… yeah exactly, and then you plan around things only to find when you go to buy them, they’re out…

OK I see something over here, they’re very silly looking, silly little peppers, kind of pooched out on the bottom, looks like dumpy drawers, … well they are very festive looking, they have red ones and yellow ones, I’ll take a few… no, I guess that’s true, you think it would be OK if I just tried one? I’ll buy it anyway but if I don’t like them I’m not buying a whole bunch if I don’t like them, I’ll just take a little bite


I think someone talking on the cell phone bit into a habanjero pepper without knowing in advance what they were in for…but yeah that op is hard to follow
yeah its spelled wrong and the spell check failed me and I am omw out the door so whateva


Well, did they buy a whole bunch or not?


I accidentally a hot pepper.


I think someone forgot to take his meds.


A whole pepper? Is that dangerous?

You’re accidentally a hot pepper? How the hell did that happen?

For goodness sake. Didn’t your mom ever teach you that you have to be careful when you those things?

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I burning your throat!


cooking, food, culture… OK with MPSIMS though…
It was the totally abrupt halt in the chatter than gave me the horrified giggles. Give Cellphone Shopper credit though, when speaking was again a possibility, there was an acknowledgement of having incurred this, no ‘how dare this store stock these dangerous things’. Did look like she left rather abruptly but I think not without paying for groceries accumulated so far. Dunno for sure if she paid for the one pepper.

What did she do with the nibbled pepper?

You accidentally what?


A hot pepper.


I accidentally your dog!

No need to run, I set that up for him on purpose.

According to hospital records, fell backwards while vacuuming. Just happened to be nude at the time of the incident.