Grrr... Some people are good. Some are bad.

I accidentally slighted a girl a while back (I think I posted a thread about it), and since then, she’s been a total… ahem “dog”. She’s insulted me behind my back, called the girl I like an ugly whore, and called me far worse. She surpassed herself today, by emailing a mad-lib she made to all of my friends. It goes like this (name removed to protect the innocent and me):

A went to the Porn store every week to unwind
after work. He was a lonely man who spent his
weekends focking bananas around his apartment.
A wasn’t looking for love that day, but in
walked T . Immediately he was taken by its
pee green corsett and its tight penis .

Moving with the grace of Amber, T sat down
wanting to fOck a alligator penis in the corner.
His mind was racing. Perhaps A would invite it
to dinner at his place. He envisioned cooking it
some Elsies, drinking semen and dancing quickly
to his Micheal Jackson albums. He’d buy it things
every day, and they’d spend the weekends driving
around Saskamatoon in his grocery cart .

And with visions of this whirling in his head,
A slowly approached it. Nervous, he didn’t
know what to say at first. But then it came out,
“how much?”.

Surprised, T sexed his penis and started to

“Wait!” shouted A , “I’m sorry, I just think
you’re thouroughlly . I think your penis is
really tight . And I was wondering you’d like to
ravish with me sometime?”

T turned around briefly. “Why would I want
to ravish with you?” But all A could say was
“…but I didn’t order any pizza!” .

Tristan left and A was alone once again. He’d
have to ravish his cat AGAIN tonight.

The good part, is apparently all of my friends are sticking up for me. A charming example is thus:

“grow up E. your childish attempts at humuor are neither funny nor
witty. The truly sad part of this story is the fact that you felt compelled
to send it to all of us.”

I’m so happy my friends stuck up for me.

Oh, just FTR, A is me.

Speaker, that girl is really taking things way too far over an accidental slight! If you had done whatever it was on purpose, then she MIGHT have had some grounds, but I’d think not if you apologized to her. (at 15, I’m guessing you already know that we women can be incredibly petty sometimes… starts early, unfortunately)

I remember when my friends and I used to play “mad libs”; we’d poke gentle fun at people, but certainly nothing like that!

I’d just like to say that it’s awesome that your friends are standing up for you… maybe she thought to discredit you with them, but now she’s finding out differently. You know who your true friends are when they stick up for you through thick and thin! Hopefully, that girl will know that she can’t mess with your friends while trying to paint you as the worst subhuman species around! (I can’t say what I want to say in MPSiMS, but hopefully you know what I mean)

Just don’t bring yourself down to her level, and things will be better soon! If not, you know where to go to rant and all of that!

Seconding what Flamsterette_X said. You’re above that kind of snarky pettiness, Speaker. Glad to see your friends know that too.

You’re right, some people are good, and some are not so. Just keep moving on.

Yeah, it is real cool that your friends went out of their way to stick up for you.

I dunno, though, maybe this girl is just crying out for attention. She’s obviously a little behind in the social skills department, and she’s also clearly not very smart (I mean, I know it was a Mad Lib or whatever, but it didn’t even make sense).

Oh, and I forgot to say, I think she likes you and is just jealous of T. People that are very emotionally immature (as she is) often have trouble expressing their feelings directly.
And you have my permission to email all her friends and tell them I said that.

Heh, I can just see my friend’s making that sense comment and making me laugh with their vehemence :slight_smile: Thanks :cool:

The comment about your friends sticking up for you is bang-on. (I was going to quote it, but I haven’t figured out how yet.) In another story about the Good People and the Bad People:

I went out with a gal for a few months, and after a while it became clear that it wasn’t going to work for either of us, so I called her up and ended it; no hard feelings on either side, and (for me at least) almost a sweet “We’ll-always-have-Paris” nostalgia to it, after some time had passed. Didn’t hear from her for a while. Several months later, she called me up, clearly distraught, and said she had heard rumors around the sewing circle that I had been going around telling people I’d “dumped” her, and that I had been pretty mean about it–absolutely untrue, of course.

As it turns out, many of my “friends” had heard this, and that’s why they weren’t returning my calls. Of all the people who had heard these rumors, she was the only one with the cojones to call me up and ask me about it and get straightened out, and now we’re on great footing together.

As for the friends who had believed patently untrue stories about me: screw them. I’d rather have enemies than such faithless friends.

So: Bang-up job by your friends. Stick with them.