Guess I'm old and married

I was at a company function tonight. I was walking along when suddenly an absolutly stunning woman stopped me (super-model type… seriously) and asked me if I was someone or other (obviously not me). I told her I wasn’t. She told me that “you look just like whoever”, and I replied “no, but if I see someone who looks just like me I’ll let you know.”

What has happened to me? That was the best I could do? I mean I could have dazzled her with my stunning wit and endangered my long marriage all at once… but NO.

Guess I’m getting old…

Spud, I think that reply was quite witty! She must’ve felt pretty stupid, and you put her at ease without coming on to her, which she’s probably sick of getting from men. Nice job.

“With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.” - Rhett Butler

Well done…you probably could have ‘picked up’…tell your wife that Kelli says to give you a big kiss!

Yay Spud! Good for you! I know if it had been me trying to pick you up, and I’d gotten that response, I would have felt much better about failing. Not that I’d try…I’m old & married too. :slight_smile:

Spud, welcome to the world of Once you are Married Good looking people start to notice you who thought you were chopped liver before you got hitched.

I have to get married to get chicks?!? Fu-in’ 'ell!

Shirl, you hit it on the head. Must be something about the potetial “unattainability” of the married person. Makes things a challenge.

Spud, good boy! I agree that your response was witty and friendly; that would’ve done more for me personally than some line you hear a million times. Being that she was gorgeous, I’m sure she’s heard them all. You might be surprised that she probably thought “What a nice guy…too bad he’s married”.

I’m not close to being married, but I’ve found that my girlfriend is a chickmagnet for me. Lately, everytime we’re somewhere I get approached by women asking me questions and things besides “Do you have the time?”

Once, I wore my London Underground “Mind the Gap” t-shirt to a festival and had someone quizzing me about it. I kept waiting for my girlfriend to rescue me, but she just stepped back, pretended to not be with me, and smirked. She enjoyed it.

Why didn’t this happen to me when I was single?

I had a discussion about this a couple years ago about people being attracted to attatched people - and I ain’t talking about fear-of-commitment Springer people - I mean how someone who is taken but has no ring on his finger will get more attraction that before.

Our theory was that when we are attatched, we have more confidence in our step, and also we don’t have to put on a show to impress someone, and maybe - just maybe - being yourself and being confident in that is a lot more attractive than trying to impress or being desperate inside?

I’m not talking about conscious thing here either… When I was married, I felt different talking to a woman than I do now, even if in both cases there was nothing on my mind other than conversation. This had to effect the way I was percieved, even if I was not doing it intentionally.

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Wow… not at all the responses I expected… but thanks!

I really thought I’d get a bunch of great pick up lines that I would have kicked myself and thought “twelve years ago I would have thought of the same thing.”

Seriously… I have a beautiful wife and three wonderful kids (ask me again tomorrow and only two may be wonderful, but they were good tonight) so I really wouldn’t have done anything differently… but it is fun to imagine. Actually it was still fun to watch the other guys wiping the drool from their chins while she was flagging me down.