Guess who's gettin' promoted?

Do you remember that I tested for Master Sergeant, but didn’t pass?

Well, I got word from my commander that I made it this time.

I will probably sew it on 1 December. I will get my score sheet in about six weeks, and I’ll be interested to see how I did on the tests. The important thing is…I made it. And it’s a big deal.

I will be a senior NCO in a few months. I’m ready.
“You are now leaving the American Sector” - Sign at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

Congrats!! That’s great news.

Woohoo! Many congrats!

<tossing confetti with wild and reckless abandon>


Congrats Bluesman!! That’s huge!!

I’ll owe you a beer if I run into you.

Great news, congrats! You done good!

Please, to answer a private survey, did you study for the exam? (My son’s recruiter just made tech – he’ll sew on in November – and sheepishly admitted that he finally studied this time, has only actually passed any of the promotion exams when he studied, so I’m curious if the same is true for other people.)

Oh, are we gonna party Saturday.

How many MORE reasons are you people going to give us?

Choose a beer, buddy. I’ll stock it up.

Just for sniff…you.

Thanks to all.

JC, if you can find something Bavarian - weizen, weissbier, dunkels - I bet I can wreck a few bottles. You’re too cool, man.

Mama, I don’t know anybody that gets promoted any other way. It USED to be true that one could simply spend enough time in your present rank to accumulate enough points to just WAG (wild-ass guess) the answers and make it. No more. If you got promoted in THIS Air Force, you studied, and if you made it with less than three times testing, you busted you BUTT studying. This was my second go, so I’m fairly happy.

El Tee Tripler - thanks! And I assume you’ll be getting close to Captain, am I right? I sure would like to hoist a frosty one to your promotion, too.


Does this mean that you’re buying the beer? :wink:

That’s awesome!

So you’re making Master, Lucretia is making 2nd Lieutenant. Now you just have to go to First Sergeant’s school and things will be perfect.

I guess when I see you this weekend I’ll be in the presence of greatness, eh? :wink:

You both make me proud.

No, I’m buying the beer!

All you crazy USAF folks come in uni, will you? That way we can watch Doors get slapped around.

How many push ups can he do.

Bavarian, eh? I’ll try my best…

Congratulations, Bluesman!

JC - Look, nobody told me we would be slapping around Doors. I am out of practice.

I have faith in those Canadian biceps.

Besides, he’s from Pennsylvania. How hard can it be?

Thanks, guys. :smiley: And I can’t actually slap AirmanDoors, but I can give him orders that would make him wish I’d beat him like a rented mule. (again, :D)

Actually, of the many airmen I run into on a daily basis, Doors is probably one of the least in need of a good slapping. My organization would be much improved by having about 50 like him.

Doors, looking forward to having a beer or three with a battle hardened veteran like yourself!

Hey! No one can slap Doors around except me! :wink:

Congrats on making Master Sergeant, Bluesman. :slight_smile:


MSgt (sel) Bluesman, a Master Sergeant in the hand is worth two Lieutenants in the bush. :smiley:

But, I’m expecting to pin on Captain in January. I hope to God you and I get to work together at some point. :slight_smile:

819 RED HORSE from Malmstrom AFB (in 5 days)

Hey now! Big doin’s in the Blues family! Y’all are going places. Congratulations!