Guess who's unemployed, unwed, 19yo sister is pregnant?

That’s right. Jeeve’s unemployed, unwed, 19 year old sister is pregnant. I love her very much, and that all she is going to hear from me, is my love, but goddamn girl, why the hell did you do this? Mom suspected you weren’t taking your birth control pills anymore, now you confirm it! You have a HS diploma, no plans for further school, no job, and you don’t seem like you love the father that much, why the hell did you not take precautions? Having a kid is not going to prove to your birth mother that putting you up for adoption was wrong! You don’t even know if she is alive! I live 2000 miles away, I am not going to drop out of college to help you, much less convince Mr. Jeeves to give up his career to move back to Idaho. Mom just finally got to a point where she felt comfortable in spending a little money on herself, and she deserves to after what she has been through. Now, she feels like she will be a major part in raising another kid. She’s not getting any younger you know. As far as Dad goes, he will probably calm down and talk to you again, and help you out money wise, but really, did you think about this? Aaaggghh, what were you thinking!

Any way you can convince her to put the baby up for adoption?

A very unfortunate situation.
I tend to agree with this sad and unfortunate idea Abbie.

Add a second kid, subtract the HS diploma, and mix in a methamphetamine addiction and we could be brothers!

It sounds like sis is adopted, with issues surrounding the adoption. I don’t think adoption is in the picture.

It sounds like your sister is a selfish git. She doesn’t know it yet. She’s also chosen a very difficult road. I really feel sorry for your mom - it sounds like she hasn’t had a lot of resources, and now will get even fewer as she helps support a baby.

Yeah, she is adopted, so either of the big A’s is way out. She is still dealing in her own mind with abandonment issues related to that and our parent divorce, and had been seeing a therapist off and on for the last 6 years. I honestly think that the only option that will keep her sane is to keep that baby, no matter how hard it is. I feel awful for mom, becuase the divorce was very hard on her, and she just got to the point where she felt finacially comfortable after a lot of work. She was even looking forward to retirment in 10 years or so. Sis is very selfish, but I feel guilty becuase I have pretty much not been there as a brother. Now its time for me to give her some support.

On a lighter side, my poor dad lives in a tiny town in a county the size of LA county, with a pop density of about 1 person/mile, and the rumour mill is incredibly active there. First it was the gay son, now he has an unwed pregnant daughter. He’ll be topic number one for a few weeks now. I just need to convince my friend to come out to his parents back home so that will take the heat off dad a little bit :slight_smile:

Err, that’s just wrong. I’m pro-choice but beating up the women isn’t exactly humane.

Add about 4 years to her age and you have my sister. She had her kid last year and I must say, she’s a beautiful baby girl whom I truely enjoy being around. My fiancee just loves her as well and has pushed for having our own kids ASAP (after marriage next year).

It’s not going to be a nice road as my sister learned. A semi-single parent’s life (my sister lives with her BF but her BF is kinda useless with kids) isn’t the easiest in the world.

Either you’re an idiot, or an unfunny idiot.

Or both.

Fleming, you’re either a jerk or you’re hungry and looking for someone to feed you. It may not be an either/or situation.

Jeeves, I think you’re right, keeping the baby will do her the least harm, so everyone will just have to pitch in and do the best they can to support her.

But hey, at least you’ll get to be an uncle…all the benefits of being a dad, and you can hand the baby back when you’re bored!

I vote for both.

Oddly enough I believe you’re the that’s going to get the mod “belly punch”.

I’m assuming that marriage isn’t an option? Is the father of the baby capable financially, emotionally, or in any other way to help?

Consider joining the human race. After joining the pre-kindergarten kids in learning how to behave in public.

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Is termination of the pregnancy not an option? The “belly punch” comment was tasteless in the extreme, but abortion might be the most practical solution if the pregnancy has not progressed too far.

Jeeves already explained there’s no way she’ll go for either an abortion or adoption, she’s adopted herself.

Sounds to me like she was… looking for a doll. Some girls think that having a baby is going to be the realization of all their dreams, that the baby will give them the stability that they aren’t mature enough to realize they want, that it will love them unconditionally… that baby shit smells just like baby cologne.

Sadly I knew a girl just like this. I lost touch with her before she got pregnant (purposely, she actually wanted a kid). What a way to screw 2 lives at 17 years old.

A girl? Go to just about any small town across America and you’ll find hundreds of them. Hell, that perfectly describes about half the girls I went to high school with.

It’s really sad, and I wish there was something we could do about it. Usually I call for education to solve problems like these, but from what I’ve seen, parenting classes in high school almost seem to encourage this kind of behavior, or at least they attract the kinds of girls that are going to engage in it and fail to discourage it.

Wow… I could have written that OP almost exactly – my 19-year-old sister is also expecting. It sucks that they got pregnant, but then again, squee! new baby! Luckily, we have a huge extended family and my parents have already raised five kids, so one more to help take care of isn’t going to faze them much.

Fleming, see me here .

What kills me is that we thought she was educated. She volunteered at planned parenthood, mom made sure that she had excellent sex education, my parents are both professionals with college degree’s. She knew how to prevent pregnancy and my mom was providing her with b/c pills through her insurance. I don’t know why she thought that this was the answer, that a kid would solve her problems, not make them incredibly worse.