Guilty of not... you choose.

How should I feel. Whichever side gets the most votes by 10:30 EST, I shall feel that way for the rest of the weekend.

The quandry:

My son, Skirm, was scheduled for a Webeloes scouting trip tonight through Sun. morning. My wife and I knew about this trip months in advance and I whole-heartedly volunteered to take him camping. Since he’s 10, it’ll be only a few more years that he actually wants to spend time with me rather than be with his friends so I was looking forward to it.

Last week, I was told by the boss that I’d have to work Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Heartbroken, I asked my wife what I should do. The beautiful Mrs. ChiefScott boldly said she’d take him instead of myself.

Now, as it turns out, the temperature will be dropping to 34 degrees in the Jersey Pine Barrens where they’ll be camping. Mrs. ChiefScott is a slight woman, loses heat rapidly and despises weather where the temp is below 70. Stoicly, she didn’t back out.
“You have to work and someone has to take Skirm,” she stoicly said as I prepared for work today.

Before she left to pick up my son from school, I helped her pack her car, gave her a peck on the cheek, and told her to stay warm.

I get to work. My boss tells me I’ll not be needed this weekend and to enjoy this “found time.”

So, you tell me. Do I feel guilty or not?

(BTW, she left the cellphone home and I have no way of joining them. I know she’ll be freezing her ass off while I finally get the whole comforter, too!)

You shouldn’t feel guilty, but you probably will. I’m Mrs. ChiefScott and Skirm will understand.

Plan another trip with the little guy.

Your boss is a d*ck, though.


I’m SURE Mrs. ChiefScott and Skirm will understand.

Ummmmm… how about you revel in the comforter until she gets home – and THEN feel guilty?

Whether you wallow in guilt all weekend, or only at the end, I would DEFINITELY show a guilty (and crushed with disappointment) face to your lovely icicle of a wife when she returns. :wink:

How far away are they? It’d be a great suprise if you called a cab, or a close friend and just showed up. That comforter does sound good though. . .

Don’t you know where they’re gonna be? Join them!

No guilt – but you owe Mrs. Scott one hell of a treat! (And your boss a kick in the oysters.)

As I implied, I don’t know where they are. Well, I do know in a general way… say 50-75 square miles.

p.s. Mr BS and Fred – Apparently you’re not too familiar with my relationship with “Mr. Smily” or as I call him – Satan Incarnate.

You really should straighten out the linen closet, or clean out the kitchen cabinets or build an addition on the house to make it up to her.

I agree with j66, surprise her with something nice when she gets home. Remember, she is having quality time with your son, this is something they will both fondly remember.

If you’d REALLY like to join them, see if you can stir up a troop member who couldn’t go, but would know where they were, then rent a car and go have fun!

If it’s a national park or forest that they are camping in, they should have checked in with the an office somewhere and given their proposed campsite location.

Or instead of that, if you prefer to feel guilty, then do something worthy of feeling guilty about! (lapdances)

To make you feel a little better Chief, I did a Winter Camporee when I was young. It was 5 below zero (5 frickin’ below!) when we woke up on Saturday. They’ll both be alright. :slight_smile:

** Chiefie ** You came back ! Yea !!!

Why not have a nice surprise awaiting her when she gets back ?
Something really romantic the you know she will love.

Yeah - this! Surely there’s a chore that she hates that you can do for her! In a similar situation if I came home and found my husband had cleaned the bathroom, he’d get all kinds of lucky!

we are in jackson, n.j. for this episode of “while you were out.”

Geesh, Chiefy, where have you been and when did you get married???