guy pretending to be millionaire show

sorry, can’t remember the title, and it probably passed through your shores long before it got to little old NZ, but…I didn’t see any of the show except for being kidnapped and forced to watch what I thought was the last show where he has to choose between the blonde with the fake boobs whom he probably slept with, who is definitely after his money and that small town girl brunette.
It’s killing me - which one did he choose?

Oh, you mean Joe Millionaire? I hated that show, but you can catch it here

He chose the small town girl and then told her the secret. She was sent away to decide if she still wanted him. She took him anyway. Then the twist within the twist. Fox gave them a million dollars to split as a gift.

The blonde got half a million dollars too…from Playboy magazine. She will appear topless in an issue soon to be released.


I wonder. If she had said “No” would Joe have gotten all the money, or none?

thank you, I can now sleep easy knowing that the guy did have an ounce of intelligence after all!
Although picking the safe girl next door over the good-time blonde is another issue.

I’m not sure about the intelligence bit – Evan and Zora never dated after leaving the show, but it he’d picked Sarah I’m sure he would at least have gotten a roll in the hay over the deal.


If she had said no, they would have gotten no money.

So, all she had to do was say ‘yes’, whether she was really going to date him or not??? Why would any of them say ‘no’?

And they simply broke up a few months or weeks later, and I assume kept the money.

Wait, so they show these shows later in New Zealand? When the big surprise ending is all over the Internet already?

yes, but if nobody here knows about it - it doesn’t matter!
At least American Idol is only one show behind the US.

Damn it – didn’t mean to submit.

Because they didn’t tell anyone in advance that they (the show) were going to give them (the couple) money if the woman accepted him despite the deception. It was supposed to be some sort of “wedding gift” to congratulate them for finding true love.

I thought Evan and Zora didn’t date after the show ended because TPTB didn’t want to tip off the ending of the show and who he picked. When the had the special, they talked about exploring what they had to see if it would work. Not that I thought it would last, but I was hoping they’d at least try.

BTW, I think I saw Zora in a commercial for V-8. Have y’all seen it?

Zora lives in a tiny town about an hour from here. Yes, they had to stay apart until the finale was aired – but they haven’t really gotten together since then. (Sorry, a quick google isn’t giving me any good links on this.) She’s spending her money on care for her aunt in Europe who has bone cancer – Evan is spending his on a Mercdes and a Venice Beach apartment. (cite: “In Touch” magazine, 4/21/03 – no, I don’t want to explain how this source happened to present itself to me.)

“Joe” was on Jimmy Kimmel a little while ago and he made it pretty clear that he never dated Zora at all, and that he hadn’t even intended to. I’m not sure he even wanted to keep her int he top 2, but the contrast between her- a doe-eyed, penniless charity worker- and that evil, smoking porn star was just too perfect.

That one with the young woman grabbing a V-8 and then a truly scary looking serving of cheese fries? It looks like her, but I don’t think it is.

That’s the one. It looks like her, especially in one scene when she kinda glances sideways at the camera and gives a half-smile. It’s the almost dimple that leads me to believe it’s her. I know she’s done another commercial for a steak sauce or something so it’s possible that it’s her.