Guys, would you want to see your lady get a lapdance from a stripper?

I told my husband, we should go to a strip club sometime. He said that may be fun. Then I told him, I could get a lapdance. Here’s the following conversation:

Him - “Shouldn’t I get the lapdance”?

Me - “We can both get one”.

Him - " That would cost too much."

Me - “Wouldn’t it turn you on to see me get one?”

Him - “I don’t know”

Me - “I’ve heard that sometimes, the strippers will let the female customers touch them during a lapdance.”

Him - “Well, that’s just not fair.” :smack:

Me - “you’re a guy, you’re supposed to be turned-on by that stuff.”

Him - “I already told you I’m not, when you asked if I wanted a threesome.”
(this was years ago, I was hoping he had changed)

So how would you guys feel about the same situation?

But then, I used to date a cute little exotic dancer, so my input is likely skewed.

That would just be WIERD !!! I would get jealous…wether it was from a woman or a man…

What Mrs. Mercotan wants, Mrs. Mercotan gets.

She’s expressed no desire for one yet, though.

Neither of us got turned on by it as we thought we might… and my girlfriend was very much into it for the novelty of the experience - so no bad vibes to ruin it from the onset. Then again, I just don’t get much of a charge from strip clubs. They all seem too contrived and silly (IMHO).

If nothing else, stuff like this is incredibly annoying. Never ever tell anyone what they’re “supposed” to be turned on by.

Maybe. Before I and Pricegal broke up, we had gone to a swinger’s club a couple of times and talked about having an open relationship. I wasn’t quite ready to go that far (and I don’t think she was either), but it’s not inconceivable. Up until then, however - no, I probably wouldn’t like it.

I don’t think my wife would go for such a thing at all. However, if she did, it would just be for novelty value. I wouldn’t be opposed to it but I think that I would die laughing rather than being sexually arroused. It would be quite strange.

I have to agree with Shag…It would be more for “shits & giggles” than for turn on value. I mean, this would be so out of character for both her and I that it would be a joke.

Doing things out of character makes things interesting.

As much as I love beautiful naked (and even better, semi-naked) women, strip clubs are never quite the turn-on I expect them to be, from the few times I’ve been. The sexuality is so “forced” to the point of being a bad, surreal cartoon, and watching some of the customers’ interplay with the girls can be sad and pathetic. It would be more fun to go with friends in a bachelor party setting (as long as nobody gets too rowdy), and I’m sure it would be fun to watch a female SO get a lap-dance from a stripper, perhaps even moreso than getting one myself.

I’m dating my best friend. Before we started dating, we went to a strip club together. That was a blast. I’d never been and he taught me the proper ettiquete and such. Not only did I get to touch the ladies, I got kisses from three different strippers. All I had to do was ask. My fella assures me that that is not par for the course.

We do intend on going again. He doesn’t mind at all, and I’m pretty sure he’d enjoy the show as well. Then again, I’m bi, and he knows that, so we’ve talked these issues out and found each other’s comfort level about it.

You know, it wasn’t until I re-read the thread just now that it occurred to me that the stripper in question was meant to be female. It doesn’t change my answer substantially, but it was still a revelation.

Hey hillbilly queen- Let’s leave the party-pooping hubbies at home & go together! And I know which one club we’ll go to. There’s a little strip club outside Lawrence KS called the Outhouse. The chicks are buck naked, and it’s BYOB!!! WOO HOO!

Seeker, who’s been wanting to go to the Outhouse for years…

But if he isn’t into it, he isnt’ into it.
I would like it. That’s for sure. But then again, I’m kind of a freak.
I wonder if it is in charatcter or out of character for a hillbilly queen to give a Zebra a lap dance?

I’ll ask Mys. Stuffy as soon as she comes out of the kitchen and away from the sharp knives.

This is going to sound pretentious and holier-than-thou but I don’t mean it that way but I outgrew my fascination with lesbianism a couple years ago.

The first time I saw two girls together, I thought I was going to have a heart attack but its lost its inherent appeal. I can still get turned on by it, sure, but it has to be by people I care for or am very attracted to and not just some random stripper with my girlfriend or wife.

I had a very different experience.

Years ago a friend of mine was getting married and I invited myself along to his bachelor party. I got to go on three conditions - I’d drink beer (I don’t), I’d smoke a cigar (I don’t), and I’d get a lapdance from a stripper (ok…I’d done that before). I was with Brainiac4 (I think we were dating at the time, though we may have been married or engaged - definately living together in some state of romantic relationship). The beer was disgusting, I was sick from the cigar for three days, and we had the hardest time finding a stripper willing to give me a lap dance, though we eventually did. Most of the strippers were eeked out at the whole lap dance for a women with her SO present.

(My other lap dance was a very different experience, but it was in Bangkok, which was a very different experience).

This is why Hillbilly Queen is one of my favorites! Did I mention that I’m in Tennessee from time to time? :smiley:

I’m pretty sure thats rhetorical, because unless the guy was extremely possessive, its all good… :smiley:

hillbilly queen, I think your husband’s gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that), because I know of no man who’d reject his wife’s suggestion of going to a titty bar or having a threesome with another woman. In fact, most men would give their left nut and kill their own grandmother for such a thing. (I know I have. :wink: )