Guys: your first solo performance (probably TMI)

This is a question for guys whose first orgasm was via masturbation. Where were you, and what brought it on? How much did you understand about what you were doing? Did you have any misconceptions (pun intended)? What were you fantasizing about, if anything?

I’ll answer first.

I had just turned 13. This was way back in the stone age (the late '50s), when all we’d been taught about sexuality was about the sperm and the egg. I didn’t even know how the sperm got from the man’s body to the woman’s body (Yeah, I was the kid who raised his hand and asked that question. I didn’t get an answer). I had never heard of masturbation.

I was taking a bath, and got to the point when I was soaping up my dick. It felt really good when I rubbed it with the soap, and it got instantly hard. I mean ***really ***hard. Now I’d had erections before, and that “funny feeling down there,” but I never really gave it much thought. But this time was different. In a very short time there was this intense feeling, and a glob of slimy stuff came out. I had absolutely no idea what had just happened. I thought it was pus. I thought something was wrong with me, like an infection. Of course this didn’t stop me from doing it again. And again. And again.

I don’t remember how long it took me to figure out what this was about. I know it involved a couple trips to the library. And I don’t remember fantasizing about anything at first; it was just a physical activity unrelated to anything else. But I don’t think it took very long for my adolescent imagination to take over.

I’ve added TMI to the title.

I’d appreciate if any comments about fantasies stay very general, and do not stray into Dear Penthouse territory.