H1N1 is trying to kill my sister....

My sister, a healthy 54 yr. old woman, felt sick on a Tuesday. Two doctor visits. Sent home with antibiotics. Neg flu test. A trip to the ER on Sunday She was airlifted to Barnes Hospital STL. She was been in an induced coma for the last 13 days. On a ventilator, dialysis, & all the problems that come with this. Tested positive H1N1. Somewhere between life and death. Small hope.

Here is to her pulling through. I have had to stay at Barnes Jewish in the past. One if the better hospitals in the country, she is in good hands.

I’m very sorry to hear that - I know that the H1N1 made a resurgence around here this winter, too, so it’s definitely out there.

Thinking good, recuperation thoughts for your sister.

Fucking H1N1. It’s killed several people here in the Chicago area, but fortunately tons more who have come down with it managed to pull through. Apparently it seems to be the majority of flu cases around here this year. :frowning:

I’ll have her, and your family, in my thoughts.

Evil fucking flu.


Someone needs to beat it up. I hope your sister is one of those people.

Well, fuck.

I’m so sorry. I hope she beats it.

Visit when you can and move her limbs. When she wakes up, she will be thankful for the exercise and stretching.

A friend’s husband – also in his 50’s – was in the same condition with either H1N1 or swine flu several years ago, coma, ventilator, dialysis, etc. He recovered. He had to take early retirement (from a labor-intensive job) but he’s alive and well. Hope your sister comes through.

I hope for her speedy recovery.

Best wishes.

I hope your sister pulls through and makes a full recovery.

You all will be in my thoughts - here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

Your sisterand your family are in my prayes. Looking forward to hear, as LavenderBlue said to hearing she has beaten up H1N1.

Wow. I am going through the exact same thing with my step-sister except for the dialysis. It’s been nearly two weeks and it’s scary as hell. She’s 50 and has two little twin daughters. She lives in the same town as me so I’m the family member in charge. She had been sick for a while and finally went into the ER and the next morning she was on life support.

This has been a surreal fucking nightmare.

Get your flu shots people.

H1N1 is swine flu. It first hit in 2009-2010 and has come back with a vengeance this year.

H1N1 is still in the current vaccine formulation, right?

Yes. Absolutely. My sister did not get a flu shot.

I really hope she’s seen the worst of it and will come back from it soon. This year’s flu is a (*&^$#. You’ll be in my thoughts. Please let us know when you have news.

Your sister is in my prayers. We need better vaccine for this one.

We have a great vaccine for this one. Most affected people didn’t get the vaccine.

Yup, the CDC notes in its latest flu season update that the H1N1 component is a very good match. It also notes that in typical flu seasons, the majority of the hospitalized are ages 65+ or 0-4. This year, similar to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic year, the majority are ages 18-60.