Habanero the ED drug??

Ok so everyone keeps getting those e-mails about blue pills (or is it just me) :confused:

Anyway, recently I was confronted with the above slogan and searched for and found the following “explanation”
Legend has it all the best porn stars use this to keep it up all night. Habanero THE original Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and sexual enhancer Drug. You want to make her happy, use this and you’ll both be in tears.*

Now im just not that brave (or foolish) but its a joke isn’t it :dubious: or are there any porn stars out there who can concur?

Cluricaun Rule #1: No rubbing super hot peppers on your wedding tackle.

I think the key phrase is the “…and you’ll both be in tears” part

I didn’t convey all the info but suffice to say that wasn’t the area of application. :dubious:

Isn’t there some theory about using bee stings for the same effect?

I see. So it’s a rectal application then?

Of course not, you’re supposed to stick them up your poopchute:

Legend has it…

Starting to sound better stacked up against bee stings, if you must…

I’m gonna go out on a bit of a limb here, so please be kind. I have no idea whether a study has ever made of this, and I don’t have ED to begin with, but I would swear I’ve noticed a positive effect on my ability to respond to sexual stimulation simply by including a bit of habanero pepper in my meals, a little as half of one pepper divided up over three meals or so. I freely admit it may all be in my imagination, but I’d be very interested to know whether there is any documented evidence of this effect.

…but your not just eating the pepper alone (are you?) perhaps it something else also eaten or drunk at these times, or even the company?

Just because the sun doesn’t shine there, doesn’t mean you can’t make it glow by other means.

Why not just really go for it and discharge a can of pepper spray up your arse? I’d imagine that would get some action.

Well, in my less than fully-scientific experimentation, the effect seems independent of any particular food or drink that I mix the pepper with, the company, or lack of, doesn’t seem to be a factor, and it takes at least three days of of eating some habanero each day before results are apparent.