Had to share this Engrish spam.

My name - Margarita. To me 28. I saw your structure, you liked I, And I have decided to write to you! My girlfriend Has found to itself the person in the Internet, now it is happy it. They always nearby with each other. It so is remarkable in my opinion. I believe, that I can construct relations, and I have written to you. I wish to write to you a little about me directly! I very sincere, beautiful, and fair! I very much wish to Find love, and to construct a happy family in the future. I very much love children, and to me dreams Happy family with my favourite person! I work as the croupier in a casino. I very much wish to correspond to you as you have very much involved me. If you Interested in me, please write to me on my e-mail: casanaletta@yahoo.com Hope of your letter. I very much want it, I saw your letter. It There will be a small happiness for me! If you write to me, I can send I to you the photo! I very much hope to see your answer wash the friend! Your friend Margarita!”

I am glad somebody likes my structure.

Just make sure you wash your answer.

All your syntax belong to me.

All your syntax are belong to me.

I knew taking that structural engineering course would pay off!

(Yes, I know it’s a scam, but I was quite charmed until I hit the “croupier in a casino” part. Totally destroyed the image.)

Meh…seen I’ve worser.

As long as we’re doing Engrish, here’s the directions imprinted on the side of a bag sealer…

  1. Put the plug in the power (No power is consumed in case you do not press the handle). e
  2. Adjust timer to prelim inary setting for tickness of bag to between 1-9(the smaller as possible).
  3. Seave the handle about one second after the signal light is off automatically while you press the handle.

Please show me to us your exampling?

Yes, you are quite right Lobsang. Congradulasions to you and you assosiates. Happy good to you. You good me to. You informations are important to me and my employee, what is your bank infos? Reply please quickly, before my employee leaves on vacation to South Africa due to not having one.

The worst instruction sheet ever. I keep a copy of it pinned to my cube at work as a reminder to me and a warning to others.

You should answer back. I read an interesting article the other day about a guy who actually responded to a message like this, and after a few rounds of emailing, he figured out it was an auto-responder. It never replied to anything that he said. Eventually he wrote it something really harsh, and it just kept repeating things about how happy it felt to have a friend, how it told its mother all about him, and couldn’t wait until they met in purpose. Never one single thing about the guy himself. I found it all very amusing. It was the photo that hooked him.

I once dated a Margarida (with a d; she was Portuguese). She returned my first phone call with “You called me.” Um, yeah. Good grasp of the obvious.

Well, clearly a man’s structure is very important when constructing relations - a weak structure might collapse at a critical stage. :slight_smile:

Sunspace, that sheet makes my brain hurt.

So, if I’m reading the symbols on the bottom correctly; you can’t play Pac-Man, you can’t cry, you can’t fire and you can’t feed this toy to your giant talking alien plants. I am understanding.

Which email address should I reply to? The one it came from or the one in the body text?

I saw this Engrish on a t-shirt the other day:


BUT, feel free to secure a rope to the ceiling with three short screws and swing around from it. At least that’s what the picture looks like to me.

I want that t-shirt.

I saw this Engrish on a t-shirt the other day:

                           Always love you
                            No borther line
                          No hate each other
                          Get fuck'n love
                           And peace life!

I was intrigued by the justaposition of the JESUSCRIST and the “get fuck’n love”.

ETA: what the heck happened here? The above is what I saw on the t-shirt.

For reasons that I am not quite sure of, I had a body-wobbling laugh at this post.

I want the t-shirt even more!