Haiku Madness

After posting a reply to this thread, I’ve come up with a new game that’s sure to sweep the nation: Haiku Madness.

Allow me to explain. The thread of note was about the disappearance of the actor who portrayed the character Boner on the old sitcom ‘Growing Pains’. The title of the thread: Boner Gone Missing.

I replied stating that Boner Gone Missing sounded like the beginning of an interesting haiku, which I then completed and posted:

Boner gone missing
She doesn’t shave her armpits
Wanna play Yahtzee?

Anyway, I thought we could make a game of this. The rules are simple: write a haiku using the previous poster’s final line as your first.

In other words, the first line of the next haiku is, of course, Wanna play Yahtzee?

And away we go.

Wanna play Yahtzee?
You’d best not, I’m too lucky.


Remove two of those digits

You are the devil

“you are the devil”
thought the defrocked Cardinal
of the kneeling bear

Of the kneeling bear
I did not want a blowjob
BJ and the Bear!


BJ and the Bear?
No! Softly! Delicately!
Butterfly’s BJ.

Butterfly’s BJ
Labial palps not what you think,

Collected by men with nets,
Pressed between pages.

Pressed between pages
An old love letter is found
Still the same story

Still the same story
From beginning to the end
No soup for you, George

No soup for you, George
Nor ice cream, nor chocolate cake
You are way too plump

You are way too plump
My little steaming dumpling
I must nibble you.

I must nibble you
You are cheese, you are crackers
And of course you whine

And of course you whine,
What about the joke thread, eh?
Mean Mr. Mustard

Mean Mr. Mustard
In the study with the wrench
A Colonel no more

A Colonel no more
I guess he handled the truth:
you called a Code Red

You called a Code Red
When you should have called Code Blue
The old lady died

The old lady died
And her mewing hungry cats
Did feast upon her

Did feast upon her,
Sashimi, nigiri, rolls.
Naked sushi bar

Naked sushi bar
The eel slides down her throat not
Where he planned it though