Haikus for the Weekend!

We haven’t had a haiku thread in a while, and I’m feeling all poetical today…

quitting time draws near
each tick of the clock like song
to my eager ears
two full days of bliss
freedom from the time clock’s chain
just around the bend
weekend list of chores
seems too daunting to be done
think I’ll just veg out

One short hour left
Until I can blow out of
This popsicle stand

This storm has passed us
Yet frozen land is endless
When might I see green?

Kittens are hiding
Porch offers little shelter
Food bowl full of snow

At five, don’t get caught
Between me and the exit.
A rhino charges.

With modernity
a hyperstimulation
numbs the heart and soul

a bizarre phenomenon
I deconstruct you!

What the fuck did that
first haiku mean, I wonder.
Have a clue, someone?

Five, four, three, two, one,
another weekend has come.
Spring break in one week

Read me poetry
Write me some more poetry
No!! Stop stalking me!!!h

Friday night take-out,
No dishes for me to do!
I loathe the dishes.
Oh, and one my second grader wrote in class:

Ethan is pleasant,
And kind to other people,
And nice to his friends.

We pinned it to the bulletin board in the kitchen, so every time he starts whining, we can always remind ourselves…Ethan is pleasant…:slight_smile:

Stayed home sick today
Straight Dope - my only relief
soon I will be drunk.

I have work to do:
Studying, grading, lab crap.
I don’t care. Screw it.

I’m on-line now. IM me.
We could chat that way.

I would but I can’t.
Work laptop has no yahoo.
No d/l’s allowed

One more day until:
OTTADOPE - Hide your children!
When you come, bring pie.

Scribble let’s chat soon
My home PC is broken
Can chat Sunday though :slight_smile:

Weekend has arrived;
Libation must be consumed.
Newcastle Brown Ale

My dandruff shampoo
Has resolved my flaky scalp.
But now my balls itch.

That last one was weird,
I am not sure what it means.
But my balls do itch.

Why don’t I shut up?
My groonies should be private.
'Scuse me while I scratch.

Boys have gone camping
Quiet house all to myself
Sleep, long bath, or post?

Bath salts poured on you
By the nice helpful Eunuch
So soothing and warm.

The restless weekend
The hours pass me by slowly
Awaiting Monday.

I’m bathing here too.
Cats peering over the side
Are doomed to get wet.
Found a new cocktail-
Diet Dr. Pepper, Rum.
Such a clever girl.

I wish I could have
what ladydisco has- a
waterproof PC

In my poem ‘here’!=‘now’.
Like other great artists, I’m so misunderstood!

…I think you might be on to something with the waterproof PC though :smiley:

Sorry, I couldn’t put that in haiku format as I have no idea how many syllables != has.