Hamberger Dill Slices Normal Recipe Please

I want to make hamburger dill slices, but the recipes run all over from no sugar to a large amount. Dill to also onions and garlic and mustard seed, until it’s basically bread and butter slices.

Do you know a recipe that will be like what I buy labeled hamburger dill chips? The sugar variable is important here. I don’t want something sweet, but I do see sugar is in the ones I buy. I want something like you’d get on a hamburger at a chain restaurant.


In the book Charcuterie there is a recipe for dill pickles. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’d imagine you could make the dill pickles and then use a mandoline to cut thin little slices for your burglers.

Here is a recipe for dill pickles. The ingredients are cheap and I suppose you could play around with the recipe (more vinegar?) until you get a taste resembling what you are looking for.

Thanks, but I’m looking for a recipe that somebody can verify comes out close to hamburger dill slices. I found hundreds of dill pickle recipes. I have about two gallons in volume of cucumbers I need to use now. I’ll make them into some other type, rather than risk that many being bad tasting and canning that many gets expensive. I’ll be making something else by tonight, if I must. Likely bread and butter slices.

Here’s a long list of recipes, but the basic ration seems to be 1:4:6 (salt:vinegar:sugar). Using that, plus any spices or herbs you desire (garlic, dill, turmeric, cayenne, etc.) will probably give you what you need. I can’t verify any of them will make hamburger dill slices, but the rations seems consistent enough that I have to suspect something approximate is correct…

What I’ll end up done is scaling down to about a cup of cucumbers and trying a recipe, and hope I have enough cucumbers when I find something suitable. Thanks.