hamster names

I just got a new hamster and cannot choose a name for her! She’s totally white with pink ears, feet, and nose, and has red eyes. I keep thinking of names like Snowball or Pinky, but those don’t seem to suit her. Any suggestions?

Sushi? The white is the rice. The pink is the crab. Not sure what the red is though.

FWIW, my friend named her ham “Puppy.”


How about “Mochi”? Mochi is the name for a Japanese rice dumpling-- round and white with a sweet red bean filling. (We like giving Japanese names to our hamsters…)

Is your ham a dwarf or Syrian?

She’s a Syrian. They call that color of Syrian “albino”, even though there are no true albino Syrians (or so I’ve recently read a couple of places).

Those are good suggestions! Voldemort…LOL. Hopefully she’s not that mean.

Harvey, harvey, harvey the wonder hamster.
Do not call her Harvey for short.

Use Snowball! That was the name of the hamster that was the Brain’s rival on Pinky and the Brain.

Does she look anything like this? If so, name her Dr. Evil and hide the knives and guns.

How about Blanca? Pretty name for a pretty girl.

For a syrian hamter, you gotta go with the Carolingian Frankish names, obviously. Godelgaudus? Gundolhinus? Hainricus?


My roommate recently got 3 female gerbils (Zoe, Chloe and Joey). She had trouble thinking of that third name, so I suggested Norbert. She didn’t go for it, but I still think it’s a cute name for wee mammals.

Why not “Cecil?” After all, it’s the hamsters that make this board tick.

I’ve always wanted to name a pet the sound a can of beer or soda makes when you first open it – ka-chissssssss.

Sprocket, Kaiser, Ruferto, Squeegy, Porky?

Call her Bino (pronounced like ‘Beano’), which is short for Albino.
Or Junior.


Jean Claude Van Hamme

Doesn’t really work for a girl hamster, I suppose.

I call our hamster “snack.” But then again, I have a perverse sense of humor.

Zev Steinhardt