Happy Birthday, Simetra! (warning: kind of long)

Today is my favorite day of the year - the day when Simetra first came into this world. In honor of my sweetie’s 23rd birthday, I’ve composed a (somewhat mushy) list of 23 of the infinite number of things I love about him.

  1. He doesn’t wake me up when my snoring wakes him up. Instead, he cuddles me and nuzzles me until I start sleeping more quietly… and in the morning, he always tells me how cute it is.

  2. He has the bluest eyes ever. They’re absolutely beautiful, and I lose myself when I look into them.

  3. He’s such a gifted musician. My favorite sound in the world is his voice, especially when it’s singing a song he’s written just for me.

  4. He takes care of me. Over the summer, I ended up with a kidney infection while we were visiting his family in Kentucky. Even though I’m sure it would have been much more fun to hang out with his family and friends, he sat by my side while I was delirious, took me to the hospital, made sure I took all of my medications at the right times, cleaned up after me when I got ill, helped me to shower when I could barely stand up by myself, brought me ginger ale and popsicles whenever I asked, and so much more. Not once did he complain.

  5. Even though he proclaimed that he would rather stick toothpicks under his toenails and repeatedly kick a concrete wall than see The Princess Diaries, he bought and watched the DVD with me for my birthday.

  6. He promised that one day he’d get me a puppy, even though I think he’d much rather have a kitten.

  7. He’s incredibly devoted to his family.

  8. When I asked what he wanted for his birthday, his answer was, “You.”

  9. He is the sexiest man ever. I get all hot and bothered just thinking about him.

  10. He makes me happy in a way no one else can. He makes the world right when everything feels like it’s falling apart.

  11. He’s patient with me. Sometimes I get cranky or PMS-y or just generally no-fun-to-be-around-y, and he always helps me get through it, no matter how long it takes or how bitchy I’m being.

  12. He gives the best kisses. God, I love kissing him…

  13. He’s also the best snuggler. I love me some Stephen-snuggles.

  14. He talks in his sleep. Actually, he holds conversations in his sleep. It’s so adorable.

  15. He thinks I’m beautiful, and he tells me that all the time. No one else has ever told me I’m beautiful.

  16. He has a strong affinity for my tummy. Even though I sometimes protest against zerberts and tickling on my tummy, it really does make me happy.

  17. He’s the most honest person I know.

  18. He shares his dreams with me and is always ready to listen to mine.

  19. He smells really, really good. I love laying with my head against his chest and breathing in his scent.

  20. He’s constantly teaching me things. I learn so much from him - about the world, about life, about myself.

  21. He loves me in spite of my many faults.

  22. He’s my best friend, the most important person in my life.

  23. He’s Stephen. He’s my Stephen. Nothing can compare to that.

Bon Anniversaire, sweetheart. I love you.

Happy birthday, Stephen!

Ya big sexy lug, you! :slight_smile:

Let’s see…

#2… check

#9… check

#19… check

I approve of these three. The jury is still out on the others. :smiley:

A very happy birthday, Sim-sweetums.

-BK [sub]who’s a bit amazed that he’s only 23… gods, she’s getting OLD[/sub]

Thanks for the well wishes Ogre and BK. Warms my heart so much to have caring friends here.

Of course, Jessica, my sweetie who’s so wonderful to me, thank you for making me a thread and for flattering me so much. You always make me feel like I’m worth something. I love you, Tummy.

My birthday is going okay so far, despite over-sleeping this morning. I did have Thai food for lunch. :wink:

Anyway, thanks again guys. I really do appreciate it.


Happiest of happy birthdays, Simetra! I hope your day is a great one.

From hearing from Serendipity it sounds like your night is pretty well covered! :wink:

Many happy birthday thoughts from The Platebreaker to you!


Well, I don’t know about the rest, but HOT DAMN if # 12 ain’t true.

Happy Day, my good man!