Happy Birthday to Prairie Rose too!!!!!

Before I run over to the thread about my birthday I thought I would extend a fellow co-birthday person a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Prairie Rose!

I think you, rastahomie and I should have a large party – that would be fun!

The Triple Doper Birthday Fest!

< raising her coffee – too early for a beer >

Pancakes, donuts, eggs benedict, waffles, mimosas and bloody mary’s for everyone!

Happy birthday Prairie. You have a great day and make it special!

Happy Birthday, PR.

And, uh, wink, wink… best wishes for a great evening.

Happy Bday Rose. Damn some folks were busy in December. Hope you have a good one!

Happy b-day!

Happy birthday, hon!!!

And I’ll add my good wishes to ChrisCTP’s. wink