Hey, chique!

I was tossing and turning in bed this morning and couldn’t figure out why, when, miraculously, around 2AM it came to me…it’s chiques birthday!!! Amazing, really, but there I was, laden with this knowledge.

Let’s all tip our hats to this fine, fair lady. Happy Birthday, Rachel!
[sub]You’re what…23?[/sub]

Yay! Happy birthday, chique!

Happy B-day Chique! :slight_smile:

Hope it’s a good one.

----:)/ x o x o x o

extra party hats: @ # % & * @ # % & * @ # $ % & *

fine stemware for libations of your virtual choice:


How will you celebrate? Hope you have a blast!

Good thing I didn’t put the bottles away.

::Pours a nice Boat Drink for Chique::


A very Happy Birthday to you, chique!

Happy Bday, chique!!!

Happy Birthday, chique!! Here’s to a good one, and many happy years to come.

Happy Birthday Rachel, I hope you have a great one, with lots of cake and other goodies.


Happy birthday ChickieHoney!!!
Hope you get what you wish for…:wink:

Give St. Cloud some hell Rachel!


Feliz cumpleaños, I didn’t know it was your birthday too.

Happy birfday!!!

::goes into the #sd kitchen and whips up a chocolate seven-layer birthday cake::


Happy birthday, chique. Have a beer on me. :slight_smile:

I’d be lax if I didn’t add my “cheers to you” to the bunch.

I’d better go eat a piece of that cake msrobyn made to see if it’s good enough for your birthday.

Happy Birthday, Rach-

You are one of my very favorite people.



[sub]::drags thinksnow by the ear into the other room to beat him senseless in private::[/sub]

Aw, shucks…thanks, guys :slight_smile:

SpiderWoman - Chocolat at the Parkwood at 9; we’re still hashing out supper details - wanna come with?

Gazoo - See? I knew there was a reason I started that thread :wink:

MsRobyn - Will you marry me? That cake looks delicious :slight_smile:

Rysdad - I will NOT!! I already owe you one, dammit!!

Scotticher - Thanks :slight_smile: You’re making me blush again, ya know…:wink:

And before this starts sounding like an Oscar speech…

Hugs and thanks and stuff to the rest of you.

sniff [sub]Naw, really! It’s just dust in my eyes[/sub]

You guys are too cool :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, you young’n! :smiley:

::birthday smooches::

owwie owwie ouch

Dang, woman! <sheesh> You try doing something nice and you get beat senseless for it!

Well, nothing to do for it, except…

Boat drinks for everyone!
[sub]Uh, no umbrella in mine please…tragic accident as a child…[/sub]

Scotti tenderly soothes thinksnow’s wounds and thanks him for starting this thread.

And for the seltzer with lemon and a boat.