Happy Doper Milestones thread

Diggit Camara pointed out that we have an In Memoriam thread stickied, but not one for happy life events, like births of babies, weddings (esp. between members!) and the like. So here’s a thread for that.


There’s a reason I thought this up: on September 19th of this year, my little girl Lile María was born!

Hopefully, this is in the spirit of the thread.

Three years ago next Thursday marks the very first time I spoke to jsgoddess on the phone. We were married 9.5 months ago. Like a misguided Pit thread, it has gone extremely well for me, and less so for her. :smiley:

18 years ago today, I became a father. Best mistake* I ever made and tied for best thing that ever happened to me (we had one other mistake).

*Mistake as in unplanned of course.

Or is this supposed to be along the lines things that just happened, like our baby was born today :confused: If so, feel free to delete.

anu-la1979 is getting married!

pravnik & wife are having a baby!

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY I’m getting hitched too.


I have returned to college and so far the classes are going well. I’m doing new art and learning new things and meeting new people.

I finally got the first episode of my web review series up!

Tuesday, October 9th, at about 10:00 am, I got divorced.

12 hours later, I got engaged. :slight_smile:

Pics or it didn’t happen! Can’t wait to see you in The Dress!

Unsure if this is appropriate, but…last month was the one-year anniversary of when I got my bass clarinet!

For many years we’ve been warned off of posting Doper Posts milestones. If that is still frowned upon, then I won’t do it.

Otherwise, I’ll come back soon when I hit the milestone.

Please advise?

Yes, post count parties are still against the rules, even in this thread. This is more for major life events like births, weddings, engagements, graduations, etc.

Good enough.

2001: I join the Dope
2003: I graduate with a B.A. and a B.S.
2004: I graduate with an M.A.
2006: I graduate with a Ph.D.
2008: I get engaged
2009: I get married
2011: Our daughter is born

The dope sure has seen a lot of my life.

1999 joined the Dope.

Uh… What else IS there???

Ha! Good one. I see what you did there. :wink:

I’ve lost 100 lbs since May 1st of this year.