May We Have Some Updates, Please?

My curiosity is once again getting the better of me, so I thought I’d start another “Updates” thread. Please feel free to add your own requests for updates, as well as providing some updates of your own, if applicable.

aenea, how did your job interview go?

MonkeyMule, did you ever find a vet who could microchip your kitty? How’s your preparation for your trip to England going? You must be really excited to see your fiancé!

avabeth, did you have any trouble getting your prescription filled, even though your doctor is out of state?

Frankovich, what did you decide to do about contesting your speeding ticket? Did you decide to fight it?

Gazelle, you never did come back and say how your Risk game went. And were you able to at least mend fences with “Heidi”? Has “Bob” ever apologized for being such an ass?

THespos, I know this is an old one (from a full year ago), but I’ve always wondered how your sister’s wedding turned out. Although the debate about what you and she should do got, shall we say, a little heated, we were all wishing your sister a beautiful day without “Fratboy” antics. So, did everyone behave? Was she able to get her friends on the invitation list? I do hope it was everything she wished for.

mlerose, how did your kitty, Petra, recover from her surgery?

Ok, it’s a pretty lame one, but Leaper, did you ever figure out how to measure 12 oz of pasta?

On a slightly more important note, madmonk28, how are things going for you over in Iraq? I didn’t get a chance to reply there, but that’s too funny that you had the same thing happen to you with having your eggs hard boiled that we did when I was in the Middle East! I do hope all is well, that you’re staying safe and that the work you’re doing is accomplishing something good over there. Again, thank you!

TeaElle, what ever happened with that moron security guard you decked? Was there ever a criminal trial?

No, he was given an opportunity to enter into a diversionary program which apparently consisted of anger management lessons and sensitivity training and other such touchy-feely hoodyboody. It wouldn’t have been my choice, but he’d never been charged with a criminal act before, so someone decided to be lenient and to cut the burgeoning population of Rikers a break.

He is on probation, however, and his criminal record will always show that he was given alternative sentencing as a plea deal on a violent felony charge, so he shouldn’t be able to work for any (reputable) security company ever again (or in many other roles for which he is clearly not suited, temperamentally speaking) which satisfies a great deal.

As a bonus for me, my former martial arts instructor asked me to come in and re-create the incident for a class he was teaching in personal security for women. Since I’m a petite little thing :wink: and I was wearing a skirt and heels at the time, he figured it would be very enlightening for the women to see that you can successfully defend yourself physically even if you’re a little clothes-horsey girly girl like me.

All snark aside, it felt pretty empowering to demonstrate how useful a good technique can be, and the case is as resolved as it’s going to get. Thanks for asking, vunderbob!

Make sure they name the maneuver after you! That’s what they do in chess … and figure skating … and then there’s “The Picard Maneuver” from “Star Trek: TNG.” Oh, and diseases, too!

I’m alive and safe, thank you for asking. In an GD posting, I got kind of emotional/stressed so I got kind of embarassed and have been staying away.

I’m still in Iraq, but in the North and will be pulled out soon to a neighboring country. Everyone is kind of scattered to the winds, and some local staff are missing. We told them to cut and run so I’m hoping everyone will emerge safe and sound when the dust clears.

You can’t imagine how seriously Iraqi national staff take their job and how dedicated they are and what risks they take for their nation. It’s not the kind of thing that gets attention, like picking up an AK47, or killing a hostage, but there are brave Iraqi’s here living lives of quiet dignity. Some of them took great risks to themselves and their families to protect international staff.

I don’t know what’s next, basically I’m going to get out of the country and try to count heads. Again, I really appreciate your kind words and thoughts.

Ooooh, **TeaElle ** I missed the first go-round of your Harrowing Adventures with a Security Guard. Linkie? Por Favor?

Chicago Faucet,

How’s that incurable penis rash going?

:eek: Whoops!

Actually, I do need an update on something.


Your wedding from hell should be in about a week from now, if memory serves. Has your FIL been committed to an asylum yet? Has the total guest list topped 1000 yet?

Linkie for you, my dear…

I took a look at some of your more recent posts in GD. Good grief, if you are embarrassed about that then I should go hide under a rock. Instead, I continue to post my mindless drivel. :smiley: For what its worth, I think your posts are extremely interesting and valuable. I can’t imagine having a better source of information regarding the state of events in Iraq than a person like yourself… the humanitarian without a political agenda. I hope you stay safe and in my opinion you are a true hero. I wish the best for you. Please continue to check in. I look forward to reading what you post. :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking, Shayna. She’s doing great. Since the day we brought her home from the vet, she’s been back to her old self one hundred percent. She doesn’t even sound like Mae West anymore; she got her old meow back. It’s so nice to see her acting like herself, a curious excited 11-month-old kitten, and not a sick-old-cat. Her naked tummy is slowly but surely regrowing its fur.

I’m just hoping she’s able to stay healthy for many years to come. She’s had enough problems already in her very short life. And I will never ever ever leave the sewing kit out again.

Q.E.D., NurseCarmen, et al, how’s qutting smoking going?

My wife, who had major back surgery to replace and secure a vertebrae last year, has really recovered remarkably. Most of the pain along her spinal column is gone and her strength and range of motion has steadily improved. She’s had a little over 6 months to heal and starts physical therapy today. It was a scary surgery and months of pain and soreness but now that’s mostly passed. In fact the doctor’s even said we can start thinking about another child so, who knows, maybe I’ll have yet another update soon.

Scotticher, you were helping some of our friends here awhile back. How are their spirits and is there anything else we can do to aid their efforts?

I’m also wondering what happened with torie and her man problems.

TeaElle, what an incredible story! I’m so glad you’re ok and that the “pipsqueak” got punished and now has a criminal record for what he did to you. And since it’s been over a year since that happened, you’ve obviously had your baby, which I also must have missed the announcement of, so congratulations! Did you have a boy or a girl? Any pictures you’d be willing to share?

madmonk28, I mostly stay away from GD, so I haven’t read any of your posts there, but I agree with jacksen9, your posts are always extremely interesting and valuable and I, too, hope you stay around and post as often as you can. I’m very happy to hear that you’re safe and will be transferring out of there soon. I’ll say a prayer that your local staff are also safe and well – they deserve nothing less for all their bravery. BTW, the news was on the other night and I was at the computer. My husband called my attention to the broadcast, which was being sent by satellite from Iraq – and said to me, “Hey, there’s that mosque madmonk mentioned in his thread!” Sure enough, the reporter was standing there with that mosque as the backdrop and we had a little chuckle over it.

mlerose, I’m thrilled to hear that Petra is doing so well! I hope you get at least as many years with her as we’ve had so far with our kitty, who just turned 20! And an update of our own about Miss Mew… It’s hilarious in retrospect, but it was certainly a costly “oops!” Turns out that the shoe, the shoelace of which was laying in the puddle of vomit, was worn by my husband when he played a victim in a rescue training drill for the Redondo Beach Fire Department – and had been covered in FAKE BLOOD! It obviously dried into the lace (which was dark, so it wasn’t at all noticeable) and seeped out when it laid in the wet stuff. So Miss Mew had x-rays and 4 days of antibiotic injections “just in case” of… absolutely nothing, seeing as how she hadn’t actually thrown up blood, afterall. And all her white blood cells were there when they counted again – YAY!

I, too, would love to know how Q.E.D. and NurseCarmen are doing on quitting smoking. I know first hand how damn hard it is! I long ago deleted my “smober” meter, but my last cigarette was at 11:59PM on July 3, 2002. I truly hope you have as much success as I finally did (after many, many failed efforts).

lieu, unless she’s gotten it back in the last day or 2, Scotticher has been without a computer for several weeks now, so hasn’t been able to post any updates, and might not be able to for a while. I’ll tell her you asked, and if she can’t reply herself, I’ll try to do so on her behalf.

And dang, lieu, I forgot to say congrats to your wife for the progress she’s made in her recovery. Go Her! And have fun babie making - woo hoo! :slight_smile:

I talked to Scotticher on AIM a night or two ago. I don’t know the whole story (she was only on for about five minutes), but it appears things are looking better. Someone with her phone number could probably find out more and post it here (with her permission, of course).

hyperjes, how are things going with your new-found dad?

vunderbob thanks for the linkie poo.
Can’t believe I missed karate chop action. Feh.

I have been thinking periodically about hyperjes over the past few months, and naturally, my brain being the sieve that it is, I couldn’t recall her userhandle. I need closure, Jes. That was a nail biting, cliff hanger of a thread.

Kal and Washte how are things going with your most wonderful, most excellent new baby?

Lieu how goes things with that neighbor of yours.

[QUOTE=Shirley Ujest]

Kal and Washte how are things going with your most wonderful, most excellent new baby?


I don’t know if Kal is still reading, but thing are going very well.