Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Dopers

I just got back from Toronto, where I celebrated a slightly-premature Thanksgiving with my fiance. She had to get back to school for Monday morning class, so her family had Thanksgiving dinner two days early. And I got to attend.

So–hot dog, I get to celebrate TWO Thanksgivings every year now! Although I must say: it’s darn creepy having Thanksgiving BEFORE Halloween. You need the Thanksgiving protein boost to heal you after the Halloween sugar shock wears off.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to our Canuck dopers. May…uh…your turkeys be big and stuffed.

I’m actually just leaving for my dinner, so thanks!

And a big Happy Columbus Day right back at ya!

Dinner’s tommorow as Mr zoogirl is at work tonight.

Did I mention he’s a professional cook? Ummm!

Thank you, brother. I get my kids back tomorrow, and will serve BBQ chicken under gravy, mashed potatoes, peas, cottage cheese, and sauerkraut buns with sour cream. Haven’t thought about dessert yet.

Thanks! Pumpkin pie or cheesecake is the best dessert at thanksgiving. My supper tonight with my huge family was wonderful. :slight_smile: