Happy Thoughts, Please

My husband came in a little while ago (he’s a musician & had a gig–that explains why this post is going up at this hour of the morning). Just after he finished his gig, he and his bass player (who is also a good family friend–my kids call him “Uncle Lee”) were tearing down their gear, when his friend suddenly stopped and said “I feel like I’m going to collapse,” and then he did.

Lee was taken to the hospital. My husband is on his way there. Lee’s condition is not good. As I was typing this post, another friend called to se if Tim was on his way, and told me that it appears that Lee has had a stroke.

Lee is a wonderful man. Please send some positive vibe this way.


My thoughts go out there. Let’s hope he recovers.
sends out good vibes

And as a fellow musician, I send all the good thoughts I can!

Let us know how Lee is, ok?



You got it! Hope everything goes ok.

Thinking about Lee, you and your family.

Happy thoughts and good vibes on the way.

Luck and positive energy to Lee, Tim and you.

All my best wishes to Lee and hopes that he’s going to be okay!

Kushti bok (good luck), Lee.

Scary stuff! Many positive thoughts coming your way!

rubes resonates good vibrations

Best of luck for a full recovery.

Hoping for the best for all.

You got it and keep us posted.

~Saying a prayer for Lee~

Let us know how he’s doing when you can.

Happy thoughts and prayers for a full recovery on the way.

I hope he gets better soon… Our thoughts are with him

:: Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts ::

Oh, dear. If the good wishes of a hellbound atheist are of any use, he’s got 'em.