Happy Valentines Day Ladies! How did you get your freak on?

Got plans to go out and be a pretend couple with my friend.

I showed up at her apartment and she has her friend over drinking wine, so we go outside have a snowball fight and build a huge ass snowman together. During the building of this mammoth snowman this girl tells me if I play my cards right tonight I may get a threesome with them.

Apparently it was suppose to be a a surprise, now I feel pressure and we have not even gone out yet. Why can’t we just get our freak on and then go out?

Please God don’t let me fuck this up.


Meant to put this in MPSIMS forum. Damn it man

Pausing halfway through to post on the SDMB is a good start.

Well, I took a break from my supermodel harem to read the thread, so I tend to sympathize.


I spent my weekend playing Fallout 4, which we finally bought, and set aside this very weekend to play until my eyes bleed.

It was awesome.

Apparently he has to play cards too. Poker or Magic:The Gathering? Inquiring minds want to know.

Three Card Mountie, he hopes

And if he didn’t play his cards right, solitaire.

Shodan, who took his wife out to lunch and a movie for Valentine’s Day, and it was about as much excitement as we could handle

Poker. They know a fish when they see one.

I took the Princess to the orthodontist. Afterward we went to the nearby Chinese buffet.

So how was the threesome?

I hope Jerry didn’t wake up on Monday in a bathtub of ice and missing a kidney!:eek:

Adjourned due to lack of quorum.