Happy Valentine's Day, you greedy pigs.

I came in early, yesterday. Very early, before the morning shift came in to work. I put 60 roses in a vase, in the front entryway of our work site. I put up a sign, with a heart shape on it. The sign said:

Happy Valentine’s Day.

To the ladies who work in our building, We love you.

Please take a rose with you, when you go home. If there are extra roses, please leave them here for all to enjoy.

Half way through the day, the roses were gone. The entire afternoon shift was greeted by a vase with one or two damaged roses. There are no more than twenty women on the building before the second shift. Among those twenty women were enough selfish greedy pigs to turn what was meant to be a small joy for everyone into a feeding frenzy for a few.

Fuck you all. You have pretty much killed any chance that this could be a tradition in our workplace.

That was really thoughtful of you, Tris. Once again, the greed of the few ruins everything for everyone else.

What a nice guy!

That was a pretty cool thing to do Triskadecamus. Too bad some others messed it up.

How do you know this was the women and not the men grabbing some to make up for the fact that they forgot to buy their girlfriends something?

Somebody out there is an asshole, sure, but I’m not sure you can pin it down to just the women.

Another voice to say that Triskadecamus is a class act, who works with at least one useless bum.

What I used to do was give the flowers out to each individual. Woman, that is. There was always some wise guy who complained that the guys got nothing from me. Hey, it’s not like I’m trolling for dick here!

I think it may be a bad assumption that it was women taking the roses. Some guys may have seen this as a chance to pick up a rose or two for their own use. Does your building get many visitors? I can see someone snatching a rose or two on their way out.

A bummer to be sure, but the aftereffects do not diminish the generosity which placed the roses there in the first place.


You’ve got a point. When the average price of roses is upwards of $85/dozen, and most florists are out of all but the poorest specimens, something of a black market is created.

Roses are red
Thieves are yellow
When sixty become two
It’s time to bellow

Gal: Oh, isn’t that gracious! They’re so pretty…I better take a few more so nobody has more roses than me.

Guy: Hey, cool. Free roses. Now I don’t have to stop by the florist on the way home.

Well, of the four men working that morning, two asked me if I wanted them to “pitch in” for the roses, and thanked me for doing it. (I am not sure how everyone knew it was me, but that fact seems to be common knowledge) I suppose the other two guys could have grabbed roses. The five men working that afternoon didn’t have a chance. (Nor did the women, of course.)


What a bunch of selfish cunts.

That’s really sweet of you to go out of your way like that, Tris…Roses ain’t cheap, either. Did you grow them yourself? It sucks that the vultures took advantage of your kindness.

Hey Tris, I’m using my 500th post to try and get across my mantra to you, and everyone else on the dope…
[SIZE=6]There is NOTHING in people.[/SIZE]

Say it with me.
A person will do you a turn.
A person will be gracious and kind.
A person will appreciate a turn done for them.

But people just dont give a fiddlers fuck. There is nothing in people!!

You know, I have even articulated the problem before. I call it the TASA principle. It’s why really simple good ideas won’t work.


There’s Always Some Asshole.

I am gonna forget the Asshole. I know a few ladies got roses, and were happy about it. And, I sent virtual roses to some nice ladies, as well.



“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” ~ Carl Jung ~

Ha! E-roses. I love it!

You know, there’s always got to be one jerk who horns into a nice cozy Pit thread to question the whole premise of the pitting and figure out a way to make the whole thing ultimately seem like the pitter’s fault.

Today, I’m sorry to say, that jerk is me.

Tris, it really was a sweet gesture and everything, and I don’t blame you one bit for being upset that some people were greedy with your gift and took more than their allotted share.


Is it really a good idea to give out special treats in the workplace just to members of one gender? Doesn’t it perhaps seem like it might sound a little patronizing to say that “we love” “the ladies who work in our building”? That kind of makes it sound as though there aren’t any women among the managers or owners. (Are there?) Should a workplace really attempt to imitate the romantic gestures associated with a holiday for lovers, and direct those gestures only to female workers? Would you hand out favors specifically to male workers on a more “manly-themed” holiday like Veterans’ Day or the Fourth of July? Does it really make sense to spend so much money on a gesture that’s so excluding, and that (as you found) has such potential for being sabotaged by just one or two thoughtless/selfish people? Is it really surprising that when something that’s traditionally a deeply personal, meaningful expression of individual love gets parodied at the office as a mass party-favor giveaway, some people are going to be thoughtless and grab more of the freebies than they ought to?

I totally understand that you were just trying to be a nice boss, and I applaud that heartily. But is Valentine’s Day a really suitable holiday for translating to an office environment?

Frankly, I can’t help feeling that that’s probably just as well. Shame it had to be killed so ungraciously and crassly, though.
Okay, folks, gather round and pile on! Stomp the jerk! Stomp the jerk! Really, I hate being the rant squelcher, but I just felt I had to say it. I’m ready to take my punishment. :slight_smile:

(Ass-saving caveat: I do think that the cute little e-roses sent personally as a light-hearted tribute to special individuals were a lovely idea, though.)

I’ve recently posted some similar rants in my LJ about the assholes at my work (a hospital) whenever we have a free dinner grab. The food for the whole third shift (which they always provide plenty of) is GONE within 10 minutes of being put out. Lunch is supposed to run for an hour. If you don’t show up in the first 10 minutes (more like the first 5), you’re SOL and get nothing. Those greedy fucks will fill plate after plate heaped up with food to feed a family instead of taking 1 plate of a normal portion and moving on. It’s made me so disgusted that if I get a note that there will be free food, I just bring my own dinner in. Sickening how people are.

Kimstu --to quote the Master, Cecil–IMO you could find something suggestive in a dial tone.

How is it patronizing to think that “we love” the “ladies” in “our” building?

Usually in business, I prefer the term “women”, but since Valentine’s Day is all about Romance and guys being chivalrous to us of the XX chromosome (and vice versa)–I have no problem with “ladies”.
One thing is certain: the “ladies” did not comport themselves as such. (nor did the gentlemen).
Sorry to see such a nice gesture ruined. Perhaps you can dwell on the smiles you brought to those ungreedy faces (there must have been a few).

As much as I sympathize with the op, I agree with everything Kimstu says.

I think that’s a first for the pit.