Hard Luck Woman. RAGS. Huh????

HARD LUCK WOMAN - Paul Stanley
If never I met you
I’d never have seen you cry
If not for our first “Hello”
We’d never have to say goodbye
If never I held you
My feelin’s would never show
It’s time I start walkin’
But there’s so much you’ll never know

< snip >

Okay. I’ve been listening to this song for over 25 years now and still can’t figure out why he refers to this woman as “Rags”. HELP!

Sounds like a nickname/term of endearment to me…

Also, the mods don’t like it when you post the complete lyrics to songs. Not that I care or anything. Besides, people post posts that far exceed the bandwidth of song lyrics, and that’s o.k.:dubious:

Moderators Notes

No we don’t. In fact there’s been a sticky thread on this issue posted since July of last year! It’s not a bandwidth issue, it’s a copyright issue. pkbites, you’ve been around long enough and should know better. Please don’t do it again.

Oh shit!Shit!:eek:
I meant to only paste one line of the song Then I forgot to cut off the rest!:smack:

I’m truely sorry!